How much do you value your Health?

Seems like an easy question, but you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t actually put any value on their Health….

Where does Health rate in your priorities?

Would you choose investing in your Health over that new pair of shoes or that night out?

Now I know these sound like crazy, random questions but its something I often think about.

For me – Health ranks near the top. I would rather invest in my health (Whether that means gym, classes, nutrition, food, time) than buy something materialistic.

Now listen…there is nothing wrong with buying yourself something or enjoying a night out with friends, but when it comes to a choice between that and you HEALTH, what would you choose??

So where is this going I hear you say?….

Well I see a lot of people “wanting” to lose weight/tone up/results and then also saying they’d love to attend a gym/class/buy a dvd/join an online program…..but they never seem to invest or they umm and ahhh it – but then in the same breath will go to starbucks 3 x times spending about £15 a week/go on a night out every weekend spending about £100+/waste a £5 here and there on meaningless stuff and eat out for their lunch (normally crappy food) a few times a week…..Im sure if you added all that up you’d see what I mean.

People say they don’t have the “money” or disposable income to be able to invest in their health and fitness, but will go out splurging on materialistic things/alcohol/ciggies…etc…..guess what, its called “Priorities”

Ruthless?? Maybe so…but you and I both know its the truth.

Ive used the word “INVEST” a lot because thats what it is….when you INVESt in your Health, you are making a commitment and showing how much you value your health, don’t see it as an expense, as this just brings negative feelings and reminds you of nasty bills you need to pay every month.

You INVEST in your home to make it nicer/better/cosy… why wouldn’t you invest in your health this way

Investing in your health shouldn’t be seen as a bill…its a MUST

BTW if you have done the things above – it doesn’t make you a bad person, its your life and your choices…but I ask WHY….WHY wont you value your health more??

Spending £5 (ish) on a Fitness Class that is going to get you results (in my eyes) far outweighs that large coffee at a coffee shop

Spending some ££ on an Online Program or Personal Training (in my eyes) far outweighs that pair of red shows you bought, that you cant walk in but you bought anyways and may wear once.

How much do you value your health???/

Its totally up to you what you spend your hard earned money on, but before you moan that you feel fat or that you aren’t getting the results you “deserve” then step back and take a look on what you are investing your money on.

Are you ready to make an investment in YOU and YOUR HEALTH?

Are you ready to VALUE YOUR HEALTH more?

Jen x

Say YES in 2017

At the beginning of a new year, we usually focus what we are giving up – sugar, alcohol, takeaways, bad habits

However, what happens if you focus on what you really want instead of what you dont want?…staying in the positive as opposed to negative

So I ask you, in 2017 what are you saying YES to?

It could be more cash, more success, more meaningful relationships, more FUN, more exercises more healthiness

When you focus on on what you DO want rather than what you DONT want….your thought processes change and its like you are telling the universe…IM READY!!!

Thoughts become things (well Buddha said anyways)…so whatever you think of thats what you attract, so think more of what YOU DO want…and that’s what you’ll attract, I dare you to give it a go 😉

The thing is, when it comes to our dreams we often have a list of no-nos, like if we are wanting to lose weight we say “no weight gain, no laziness” or when we want to find a relationship we say “no losers, no cheaters” but we often don’t think of our yes-yess…. so this means that are attention and focus is more on what we don’t want than what we do want.

So What are YOU saying YES to this year???

Let me know, lets share ur positivities and make 2017 the year we LOVE OUR BODIES and give them what they deserve

YOU ARE WORTH IT (Whether you lose L’Oréal or not haha)

I believe in YOU

Jen x








Calling all Busy Working Women in Liverpool

Busy Working Women workshop 2017

So whats the workshop all about?

Well it’s for YOU..…and all us likeminded women who just find themselves so busy, the workshop is going to give you all the tools you need to really kickstart yourself in 2017 and smash those goals.

Workshop will be Mon 9th Jan at 630pm – £20pp

30 min Fat Burning HIIT Workout – guaranteed to help you burn off all those Mince Pies and Prosecco
30min Easy Fitness Yoga Workout – guaranteed to de-stress you after the Christmas Period and leave you feeling detoxed.
45min talk on my TOP TIPS for smashing your Goals in 2017, fuelling you with all the tools you need to take charge
Handout of TOP TIPS, so that you can start to organise your Health and Fitness Schedule for 2017
Video Presentation (after the workshop) with all my TOP TIPS and lots of advice to really help you, plus you an always refer back to it at anytime if you need that kick
Q&A at the end, so that you can ask me any burning questions or concerns you have about starting this new journey

SPECIAL BONUS – 2 mini home workout videos sent to your email after the workshop

Are you ready to make 2017 the year you shine and smash everyone of your goals?

Then don’t delay, I would LOVE for you to be there and be part of this workshop…with only 10 places available BOOK NOW

Book your space now and know that you are already starting 2017 with your best self in mind.

Jen x

And so 2016 is nearly at the end…..

Hey Everyone

I was going to do this in a LIVE Video (you know how much I LOVE my videos) but I don’t think I could do it without being all emosh….therefore Ive decided to write this as a blog instead

2016 has been a very very tough year for me..most days Ive struggled to get out of bed, which therefore has made turning up to teach and put on the smile and motivate people very hard….you see at the end of 2015 I lost my best friend (My Grandad), as most of you know, and it really took its toll on me. There has been days I cant even motivate myself, never mind anyone else…some days Ive cried to and from classes, but then managed a smile for you all..and you all made it a little easier to smile and do the classes

Why am I saying this? Because I want to say THANK YOU to all my Class Member and Clients for all your commitment, energy, hard work, smiles and motivation in ALL Classes this year, without you all I don’t know how I would of carried on.

Having a business and doing a job I LOVE has been the 1 thing that stopped losing complete control of my life, don’t get me wrong its me tough and really hard for me, but I found some strength within and gained strength from YOU ALL that helped me get through it, even in my darkest days.

YES I know there will always be days like this, we all get them, but if I keep doing what I LOVE – nothing can stop me…..and if I keep being able to teach people like YOU then it’ll all be fine

Thanks for an amazing year of classes, its been an absolute pleasure to teach you all and watch your fitness levels improve and I cant wait to see what 2017 brings.
I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, spent with those who you love

Jen x

The Life of a Fitness Instructor

The Life of a Fitness Instructor

There is a lot of misconceptions around the Life of a Fitness/Class Instructor…..the majority of people think because you are a Fitness/Class Instructor then life is all rosy and that we are perfect and eat perfect and don’t need to worry about our weight and how we luck…….OMG how wrong is that! A lot of people also expect that all Fitness/Class Instructors should be size 8 skinny minnies wearing crop tops……oh please as if!

Yes I love my job, I love teaching but the Life of a Fitness Instructor isnt as glamourous as it seems…..I get a lot of “easy for you just teaching a few classes  day” or “You get to exercise and get paid…lucky you” or even better “ you must be able to eat what you want with all the classes you do” and the other hand when someone once said “GOD you should be skinny the amount of classes you do”….. The Life of a Fitness Instructor is full of fun. laughs, smiles, new challenges, confidence, happiness and the chance to meet people…and this is the side everyone see’s and admires (and the side we thrive off of course), when in truth the other side of the Life of a Fitness Instructor (the side no1 see’s and understands) is full of sweat, tears, nerves, injuries, mental and physical draining, self doubt, fatigue….carrying on when you are sick and having the balls and confidence to stand up infront of a room full of people and be the 1 everyone is concentrating on and looking at when inside you are falling apart….that is the hardest part ever! Its like show business…standing up and basically performing and for that hour (or whatever) putting a smile on your face and forgetting everything. Also Standing up infront of a room of women, who look up to you and feeling a like a big frump in your clothes and feeling like a fraud….even though no1 else in the room feels that way but YOU……thats a toughie too…..

Yes I eat “clean” I watch what I drink, but on the same note I am human and we all have slip ups, bad days and days when we are just NOT on track….YES I ADMIT IT IM NOT Superhuman!!!!  I make sure I have enough food to fuel my body for what I am doing throughout the day, but being a Fitness/Class Instructor also comes with working unsocialable hours….teaching classes morning, afternoon and evening….which you might be thinking “yeh but I work 9-5” well yes of course but you get structured lunches and breaks……I basically eat when I can! The majority of my classes/clients are morning, lunchtime, teatime….therefore I never eat at the “right” time (not that there is such thing) and sometimes I’ll even admit that I skip meals because of timing and tiredness some nights when I get home 8-9pm and I am physically and mentally too tired to eat or make food (lazy as it may sound, weve all been there) and of course by being this way, again it in no way helps the body. What I will say though it that 80=90% of the time I am spot on, always have snacks, protein shakes, fruit, nuts to hand and try and make food…no matter how tired I am.

I need to train myself (weights) and eat the right foods….otherwise, no matter how many classes I teach, I would balloon up…..but the more classes I teach, the more out of shape I get…honestly, no messing, take last night for example….I was squatting and lunging arounf my bedroom in pairs of demin shorts that I have bought for USA (size 14 should I add) to try and get them to somehow stretch and fit me, because half of them dont….do you know how sole destroying this is? YES I hear you saying….well there you know, we do understand (well I do) how YOU feel we YOU say you cant fit into something

Being a Fitness/Class Instructor does not make you super human…..we are actually just human like everyone else, and we battle with the same weight, self confidence and body image issues as everyone else…………its just we know how to hide it well 😉

Take myself for an example (well kinda seems right seens as I am the one who is writing this) I teach 19-20 classes a week, have 3-4 PT clients a week also…..on top of this actual Physical Work….I also train 3-4 times a week (weight training) and practice prancing around and making routines up, pretty physically demanding hey? So you would expect me (according to society and their views) for me to be a size 8 munching on lettuce and having a shake for lunch…and skipping brekkie…..yeh yeh right as if!!!!! If I was a size 8 Id be on a drip and if I didnt eat I would of killed someone by now, these are the misconceptions I mentioned earlier about us Fitness People.

On top of all the classes we teach, we spend hours and hours outside of class preparing routines, music and class lesson plans….they dont just miraculously come to us in class…..but again this is the side no1 ever sees

In truth….the more classes I teach, the more out of shape I get…YES you heard me right……Us “Aerobic” Instructors can suffer from what Charles Poliquin calls “Chunky Thigh Syndrome” …this is when your whole body has adapted itself to aerobic exercises (due to the enormity of classes taught) to the point where it stores more fat…which turns the body into a fat storing machine and this fat tends to be stored in the lower body..hence the term!!! Yes you may lose weight doing cardio…but you will be you but smaller….hardly any (if any at all) tone to the body…..So as yo can imagine because I teach about 19-20 classes a week, and the majority of them being aerobic based (Zumba, Aerobics, Aqua) and the odd LBT and Tone class, can you now see why the more I teach the more out of shape I get…..but this also applies to the general public who attend “too many” cardio/aerobic based classes a week.

I do what I do because I LOVE it, I get such a buzz off helping people, making a difference and getting people to achieve their goals…..but man is it hard going!

No matter how many years Ive been teaching, I still get nervous before every class…especially when starting a new class or if new people attend an existing class….but I suppose this shows I still care and I have passion for what I do. But 1 thing I want to say is (and I think as Instructors we have ALL experienced this at some point in our careers)…..the worst thing EVER is when people come to your class and look at you, talk about you and basically show no interest at all and when on water breaks the snigger with their friends and its so obvious its about YOU……No matter what class you go too…always show the Instructor some respect but YOU dont realise how hard it is to stand up infront of people and have their full attention and them watching and following every move, word and action you do…..Every Instructor has experienced this, all I will say is always put yourself in the instructors shoes…..BUT again this works both ways and Instructors should also welcome and embrace new people and new classes and make them feel comfortable in class, and I am a firm believer in that is what I do in every class I teach, I would hate for someone to ever feel out of place, uncomfortable in my presence

We are NOT superhuman.
We have the same body issues as everyone else.
We DONT eat lettuce and lick dust.

We are just like you

SO next time you go to class….think of this and give your instructor a smile

I LOVE my classes and my ladies…….

Jen x

Say NO to Caffeine

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a drug that is naturally produced in the leaves and seeds of many plants. It’s also produced artificially and added to certain foods. Caffeine is defined as a drug because it stimulates the central nervous system, causing increased alertness. Caffeine gives most people a temporary energy boost and elevates mood….but as I said this is only temporary!

Caffeine is in tea, coffee, chocolate, many soft drinks, and pain relievers and other over-the-counter medications. In its natural form, caffeine tastes very bitter. But most caffeinated drinks have gone through enough processing to camouflage the bitter taste…..fancy a cuppa??

Got the Jitters?
Many people feel that caffeine increases their mental alertness, but higher doses of caffeine can cause anxiety, dizziness, headaches, and the jitters. Caffeine can also interfere with normal sleep…..erm why would we want these effects on our body?

Caffeine can aggravate certain heart problems. It may also interact with some medications or supplements. If you are stressed or anxious, caffeine can make these feelings worse. Although caffeine is sometimes used to treat migraine headaches, it can make headaches worse for some people….an the latter is more common in most people. Caffeine addiction is a matter of perspective, but the fact is that millions of people begin their day with it, and can’t seem to function without their daily tea/coffee or energy/soft drinks!!

Facts about Caffeine
#1.It does not boost your Energy.
Caffeine does not boost your energy.It is a mild stimulant which acts temporarily. But many people are not aware of this.Though people who take caffeine regularly are generally less sensitive to its effects.

#2.It increases anxiety.
Caffeine causes more anxiety. It also causes jitterness and you will feel more active than normal time. Too much anxiety is also very bad for your health. It leads to many problems.

#3.It increases blood pressure.
Regular intake of coffee can also boost your blood pressure. This affects your health and blood pressure and can become a serious problem to handle. When people are stressed and taking coffee, this will increase your blood pressure


#4.It reduces many minerals.
Minerals like Magnesium ,potassium and zinc are needed in building up of your body in day to day life. Constant drinking of caffeine leads to reduced minerals in your body.

#5.It is hard to get out of it.
Consuming caffeine daily will become addictive and it is very hard to stop it. For stopping it you have to gradually reduce the intake to stop it. More people need their fix of morning coffee to startup their day.

#6. It is hard to sleep.
Some people find it harder to sleep if their caffeine intake is more than 2 cups. Their sleep gets disrupted and they will have trouble getting to sleep. As if sleep isn’t enough of a problem on its own!

#7. Stopping of caffeine leads to temporary problems 
Once you planned to stop caffeine and you start reducing the intake you will find many problems like depression/cravings…an the feeling you ”NEED” that caffeine fix. Your day will not go as it normally used to. This will pass.

#8. Caffeine does not improve memory.
Some feel that intake of caffine will boost your memory but it is not true. Intake of caffine does not boost your memory.

#9. It reduces calcium for your bones.
Calcium is a very important mineral for your bones. Caffeine intake 
reduces the calcium for your bones in your body and increases the risk of osteoporosis. Women are the mostly affected if calcium is reduced.

#10. Caffeine does not give you energy.
Many people drink energy drinks which contains caffeine. Actually caffeine does not give you energy but stimulates your nervous system andadrenals. So you think you feel energised……it’s a big fat coffee lie!!

#11. It increases stress in your body.
Constant intake of caffeine leads to stress in your body. It will take long time before these levels come to normal……Youll seein big offices all the Business Execs constantly supping Coffee?!!

#12. It stimulates the flow of stomach acid.
Caffeine also stimulates the flow of stomach acid. So people who have stomach or ulcer problems should avoid it….and people who don’t, you might as well start avoiding it anyways!

#13. It does not have any nutritional value.
Caffeine does not contain any nutrition benefits to the body. Intake of caffeine is not useful to you in any ways. So it is better to avoid it……what more of a reason do u need??

#14. It can lead to dehydration.
Caffeine intake more and more can lead to dehydration, which can then lead to headaches e.t.c blah blahhh

#15. It already raises your blood sugar.
Caffeine raises your blood sugar levels which if increases more can lead to diabetes and other related illnesses (extreme cases)

If you are trying to beat caffeine addiction, you may have problems with caffeine withdrawal. Here are some of the symptoms:
Difficulty concentrating
Decreased motivation
Flu like symptoms

To avoid these problems, reduce your intake of caffeine gradually, beginning with what you normally consume at night, and then reducing your consumption during the day in gradual steps….then RID yourself of ALL of it.
Eating “Clean” to keep your blood sugar stable will help avoid energy crashes that make you want to reach for that fizzy drink or cup of coffee….think do u REALLY NEED it? REALLY!!!

Proper structured exercise, helps you maintain stable blood sugar levels, and avoid the energy fluctuations that cause you to reach for the caffeine to perk yourself up, thus avoiding the negative health effects of caffeine, without caffeine withdrawal…..get moving!!!
What should you have instead?:
WATER (it’s a no brainer really isn’t it)
Herbal Teas
Tulsi Tea (before bed)
Try it and see how you feel, at first itll be hard and you will HATE it…but think of the long run ☺

Eating Out Healthy – Liverpool

So following on from the recent survey one of the things requested that I write about was healthy eating choices whilst eating out. So I thought Id put together this short little article with some hints and tips on eating out and some places Ive personally visited and found healthy and yummy! I am sure there are plenty of other places…always new places cropping up isn’t there.

Anyways……People often say “I cant stay on track when I go out for food as its hard and no healthy choices…Im sorry but “bulls**t” – it just takes a little bit more patience and a little bit more time…and lucky for us, a lot of restaurant and eateries are getting a lot more savvy now…especially when it comes to allergies and specific nutritional requirements.

If you are wanting to stay on track, healthy and avoid the BAD stuff, but still wanna be able to eat out and enjoy yourself…here are some of my top tips!!

Be fussy – if you want substitute something on the menu for something else – ASK!! Seriously you will be surprised how easy it is, after all the restaurants want to make you happy and you want to enjoy your food – I always substitute chips for Sweet Potato or ask for some veggies – I mean its nothing too technical for the chef
I always opt for Fish or lean meat – or sometimes I quite often go for the veggie option….well as long as it isn’t pasta (vom)
Avoid the sauces and dressings….they are laden with sugar and salt
Dont think you always need to have a dessert…why? If your food is nutritious enough, you should be full and feeling good from your meal….if your food was sugar and bad fats laden…yes of course your body is going to crave a sweet dessert
Get some nice water with your meal – dont have an alcoholic drink!! If you need something sweeter than water…ask for sparkling water with a slice of lemon/lime or mint….they have all this  behind the bar – so no biggie
I love a plate of veggies and fish/meat – it fills me, is nutritious and doesn’t leave me feeing bloated and wanting more
I always ask for more veggies and more often than not….as a side dish Veggies is an option!

Most restaurants/cafes now have Gluten Free, Veggie, Dairy Free and Vegan options…but sometimes you will need to ASK!!! They normally have a serrate menu or will be able to tell you want meals meet your nutritional criteria. Just ASK…..after all if you dont ask you dont get!!

Places Ive personally eaten at (bearing in mind I am gluten free and dairy free)
Leaf – Bold Stree
GIVE Kitchen – Brunswick Dock
Bills Kitchen (L1 – under Bierkeller)
Pizza Express – they do a fab superfood salad and offer GF on most of their dishes
Marino Lounge – New Brighton Prom
Crust – Bold Street
Zizzi – L1
Las Iguanas – L1
Pret – Liverpool
Trattoria 51 – Old Hall St
Egg Cafe – off Renshaw St

So go along and try them out

There are so many more options now -a-days and people and companies are becoming a lot more savvy…so YES you can eat out and stay on track and be healthy, its just about being more aware, asking questions and looking at the menu!!!

If in doubt – go online and check the menus before you eat there or ring ahead….it may sound like a big fuss but for the price of your health – it really isn’t

Now go out and enjoy yourself!!

Jen x

Shopping for Healthy Food – Liverpool

So I am always posting recipes and healthy food etc….and Ive been asked where I buy the stuff from….now without sounded like a complete sarcky cow…..its not some magical land in Narnia… really, YES there are specific Health Food Shops, but a lot of the stuff and ingredients can be bought in a local supermarket…the thing is you just have to LOOK or ASK!

After all some of the slogans of supermarkets are “Happy to Help” so if you cant find something – ask!!

I buy a lot of my stuff from:
Supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury, Aldi, Morrisons) – yes I know all supermarkets stock different stuff…but they are everywhere
Holland and Barrett (online and instore)
Mattas on Bold St, Liverpool
Maggies Farm – organic fruit, veg and more on Aigburth Rd in Liverpool
Independent Health Food Stores – and these will be different in every city – just google it
Online – (amazon, planet organic) – again google!!!

If I cant find something in a shop, I just google it – the wonderful world of the Web now helps so so much! Its easy, if you are looking for something, check the company’s website and then if not…check any online stores! Amazon now-a-days sells all kinds…an very reasonable!

Supermarkets are stocking a lot more now, especially for specific nutritional requirements – yes we still may be miles behind the times..BUT its a step in the right direction and just have a good mooch!!

Online searching & buying is so so easy now

I understand some ingredients and things are a pain in the ass to find/buy – but if this is the case I just look online!

if you need anymore info on any specific ingredients/ items or aren’t sure, just give me a shout!!

Jen x

The life of a Fitness Instructor

This goes out to all the Class Instructors/PTs and basically anyone who runs their own business no matter what sector you are in….BUT more so the “Fitness Industry”

Do you ever hear this?

“wow you only do 2 classes a day….you much have sooo much spare time”

“wow you get £15-30 a session/class/hour….you must be minted”

“must be great to just workout for a living”

Yes I am sure you have heard all the above (and more) hundreds of times……and I suppose in a way we cant really blame the public for this, because after all this is all they ever see. Ive had clients/class members/friends and even family tell me I am s lucky cos I only “WORK” (being the word) a few hours a day…..hmmmm if only they knew

YES working for yourself is amazing, you can pretty much pick and choose when you do/don’t work, who you work with/for…..and how much you want to work…its amazing and its been my dream forever but people never ever see the other side…..on top of all the classes we teach/clients we train, we spend hours and hours outside of class preparing routines, writing programs, researching, reading, studying looking for specific music and creating class lesson plans…. and guess what believe it or not they don’t just miraculously come to us in class…..but again this is the side no1 ever sees. When we sit at home creating all the above and practising routines and are practically lashing the laptop out the window cos we have “instructor block”, when we stress about programs/routines….no one pays us for this, the endless hours sat in front of the laptop, in a studio or heads in a book…again no money here….

The Life of a Fitness Instructor/PT/Class Instructor is full of fun. laughs, smiles, new challenges, confidence, happiness and the chance to meet people…and this is the side everyone see’s and admires (and the side we thrive off of course), when in truth the other side of the Life of a Fitness Instructor (the side no1 see’s and understands) is full of sweat, tears, nerves, injuries, mental and physical draining, self doubt, fatigue….carrying on when you are sick and having the balls and confidence to stand up infront of a room full of people and be the 1 everyone is concentrating on and looking at when inside you are falling apart….that is the hardest part ever! Its like show business…standing up and basically performing and for that hour (or whatever) putting a smile on your face and forgetting everything. Also Standing up infront of a room of women, who look up to you and feeling a like a big frump in your clothes and feeling like a fraud….even though no1 else in the room feels that way but YOU……thats a toughie too….. There is a lot of misconceptions around the Life of a Fitness/Class Instructor…..the majority of people think because you are a Fitness/Class Instructor then life is all rosy and that we are perfect and eat perfect and don’t need to worry about our weight and how we luck…….OMG how wrong is that! A lot of people also expect that all Fitness/Class Instructors should be size 8 skinny minnies wearing crop tops……oh please as if!

As well as this consider that I personally (and I am sure others do to) do all of this on top of teaching a class:
Music – buy and prep
Write Programs
FREE videos for youtube and clients
Attend Courses/Online Seminar
And much more

The knowledge a true Fitness Professional has, doesn’t just come from 1 course or reading 1 book (if only), it comes from years and years of endless “unpaid” (and to some extent) unappreciated hours of hard work, research, reading, planning, preparing.

So ALWAYS appreciate the time given to you by anyone……because you never know what goes on “behind the scenes” of a business until you have been there yourself……and this does apply to most business that you deal with (especially small businesses) – always consider that the person behind this business puts in hours and hours of hard work…that you don’t see…its not a case of “abacadabara” and there it is…..this ain’t no fairytale shizzle….this is real life.

Cut your instructor a bit of slack because like me – inside they could be breaking and falling apart but for you they will always have a smile and I love all my class members and a smile I will always have for them

Jen x

Spice up your Life

So when it comes to Nutrition I am a pretty Plain Jane – I don’t really add spice to stuff and I never use any sauces or anything processed to my food BUT….below I have outline my 3 absolute fav and I wanted to share them with you and also outline some of the amazing Health benefits from using them

I have Loose Leaf Tea, Fresh ginger and add to cooking, smoothies and juices
* Has a long history of use for relieving digestive problems such as nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness and pain
* Contains very potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols.
* Gingerols, the main active components in ginger and the ones responsible for its distinctive flavour, may also inhibit the growth of human colorectal cancer cells.
* Ginger extracts have been shown to have both antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour effects on cells.
* Warming on a cold day and can help promote healthy sweating, which is often helpful during colds and flus. A good sweat may do a lot more than simply assist detoxification.
* Very effective in preventing the symptoms of motion sickness, especially seasickness
* Anti-vomiting action has been shown to be very useful in reducing the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy
* Ginger has been shown to be effective against exercise-induced muscle pain
* Ginger appears to be very effective against menstrual pain when taken at the beginning of the menstrual period.

This is strong in colour and flavour and I don’t add much, but I sprinkle on scrambled egg, steamed veggies, add to smoothies and juices!!
* Long been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory in both the Chinese and Indian systems of medicine
* Significant anti-inflammatory activity in a variety of experimental models. Even more potent than its volatile oil is the yellow or orange pigment of turmeric, which is called curcumin and curcumin produces no toxicity.
* Has powerful antioxidant & Inflammatory effects.
* It’s combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects explains why many people with joint disease find relief when they use the spice regularly
*  Curcumin’s antioxidant actions enable it to protect the colon cells from free radicals that can damage cellular DNA
* Curcumin also helps the body to destroy mutated cancer cells, so they cannot spread through the body and cause more harm. A primary way in which curcumin does so is by enhancing liver function.
* Amazing effects of turmeric on the liver’s ability to detoxify
* Good source of vitamin B6
* Cholesterol-lowering effects are the result of the curry spice’s active constituent, curcumin,
* Growing evidence suggests that turmeric may afford protection against neurodegenerative diseases.

I had to my smoothies, porridge oats, herbal teas and any baking…always get that warming feeling from it
* Lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors
* Loaded with powerful antioxidants which protect the body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and the antioxidants in it have potent anti-inflammatory activity
* It helps the body fight infections and repair tissue damage.
* It can dramatically reduce insulin resistance, helping this incredibly important hormone to do its job
* Well known for its blood sugar lowering effects.
* Two compounds found in cinnamon appear to inhibit the buildup of a protein called tau in the brain, which is one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease
Not only does consuming cinnamon improve the body’s ability to utilise blood sugar, but just smelling the wonderful odour of this sweet spice boosts brain activity

Im pretty sure there are thousands more benefits but I just want to outline the main ones (in my opinion)

Hope this helps

Jen x