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Meditation….do you do it?

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Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way that fitness is an approach to training the body. 

What is meditation?

Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment. And eventually, you may start to better understand them as well.

There’s no such thing as perfect meditation. Sometimes your focus will wander or you’ll forget to follow your breath. That’s OK. It’s part of the experience. What’s most important is to meditate consistently. It’s one of those things where the journey is more important than the destination.

It’s extremely difficult for a beginner to sit for hours and think of nothing or have an “empty mind.”….I think thats hard for anyone to be honest

If relaxation is not the goal of meditation, it is often a result.

In Buddhist philosophy, the ultimate benefit of meditation is liberation of the mind from attachment to things it cannot control, such as external circumstances or strong internal emotions. The liberated or “enlightened” practitioner no longer needlessly follows desires or clings to experiences, but instead maintains a calm mind and sense of inner harmony.


This meditation exercise is an excellent introduction to meditation techniques.

  1. Sit or lie comfortably on a Chair or Cushion
  2. Close your eyes. 
  3. Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally.
  4. Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Notice the movement of your body as you breathe. Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage, and belly. Simply focus your attention on your breath without controlling its pace or intensity. If your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath.
  5. Dont worry if thoughts come and go – as they will…allow them to but always come back to the breath and dont try and control your thoughts.

Even just 5 mins a day is a great starting point, if like me you find sitting there in silence just listening  to your own breath and  trying not to focus on the “thoughts”…why not try guided meditation….using an app

I use “Insight Timer” its a FREE App and has tons of free guided and silent meditations, just search one you are looking for.

I like to do my meditation 1st thing in the morning before I do anything and sometimes even last thing at night before sleep, I know the days when I need a double dose, but other days the morning one serves me well.

Its totally changed my outlook on life, the way my days start and how I react to situations and things in my life…it wasn’t easy to begin with I will admit it, trying to keep still and focused on well…nothing for 5 mins but now I am up to 20mins and I feel great.

The key is DONT try and block out thoughts, thats not the point, let them come….and they will eventually get quieter as you focus inwards and on the breath.

Love really is all you need

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I took 30mins out today and went and sat here in St Johns Gardens….the sun was shining, people were smiling and the birds were tweeting!! The trees are sprouting green and the flowers are blooming….as I sat I observed a few wedding parties coming from St Georges Hall and getting their photos in the amazing surroundings and it got me thinking……LOVE really is all u need is it, seeing people so in love, smilong, families and friends all together celebrating the joyous love of 2 people is just wonderful!! Love literally makes the world go round and if we all spread a bit more love around….the world would be a much happier place

Love starts within and then spreads outwards….ending in the marriage and commitment!!!

As the Beatles say “all you need is love”

Spread Love and Light wherever u go 

Jen x


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Its National Avocado Day!!

Who will be showing some Avo Love today??

Is Avocado your thing??

  • Nutritious
  • More Potassium than a Banana
  • Full of Heart Healthy Fatty Acids
  • Contain Fibre
  • Contain Antioxidants 
  • Contain lots of vitamins and minerals
  • The “Seed” is just as nutritious
  • Lowers Inflammation
  • Versatile (can have on toast, in salads, alone, in smoothies, smoothie bowls….it goes on)

And lets not forget they are delicious

Will you be showing your Avo-Love today?

Jen x

Exercise is what YOU make it

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Exercise…its what you make it

OK…so why do we stress ourselves out over going to the hardest class, or having a “beasty” workout…..and why do we worry what other people are doing when it comes to exercise??

And WOW if you are a newbie and thinking of taking up exercise, how intimidating can this be please? Thinking you have to go to 3 classes a day everyday just because some one else is?

Never compare your day 1 to someone else day 100….NEVER!

We are all different

Exercise (imo) is all about moving….just getting more movement into the body

So why do we make it so stressful??

Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment, it shouldn’t be a stressful situation…it should be FUN, something you enjoy

Please….just make it about movement…dont stress out 

If you are NEW…start where You are now and build up…stop comparing your journey to someone else, focus on YOU and YOUR journey 

If all you do now is walk….surely thats better than sitting there an doing nothing??

If you try 1 class a week…isn’t that better than 0 classes a week??

Stop trying to push yourself too much….

Do something you enjoy and something you know is sustainable.

Dont compare your journey to someone else.

Its all about YOU

Jen x

Its not just what you put IN your Body

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When it comes to hormones and the body – it’s not just nutrition that can affect it, it’s also the products we use on our skin….YES skin is the biggest organ in the body and it only takes 26 seconds for whatever you put into your body to be absorbed into the skin. 

Now-a-days all our favourite products (oh and “make up also shall I add) are laden with “pretend” estrogens, chemicals, parabans (these have been linked to cancers esp breast cancer) – or as I like to call them “The Nasties” 

These products play havoc with your hormonal \system and balance.  So next time you reach for some shower gel – have a think – unfortunately it is in a lot of brands out there now – the ones we all know and love. I personally made the change to chemical and paraban free products in my life and not only have my skin never been better – I feel at ease knowing that I am not putting those nasties on my skin. 

There are a lot more products out there that are ore natural, I didn’t realise how many until I looked into it.

So for starters here is what I use on my skin (I’m not saying you need to make this change, but I did personally – I mean nothing is worth more than your health is it?)

  • Tropic Skincare (Skin, Body, Make Up Products) – which can be bought through myself, as I am an ambassador for Tropic (vegan)
  • Yes To (Bath/Shower and Shampoos)
  • Dr Organics
  • Burts Bees
  • Original Source
  • Jason (plus they do fab sun cream)
  • Bare Minerals Make up Range
  • Origins
  • Kind Natured
  • Dr Organics for Toothpaste/Mouthwash
  • Bamboo Tooth brushes

So next time you are out shopping for “Smellies” – just have a little think and a

Look at the ingredients!

So before I get carried away…here’s my tips on how to keep the body 

Healthy from the inside and outside:

# Don’t reuse plastic water bottles – the plastic has these “pretend” estrogens in it and they can seem into the water (even better opt for a BPA Free water bottle or a glass bottle)

# Buy Organic where you can, YES I know this is more expensive – but just be careful – especially when it comes to meats (esp in supermarkets) – grass fed and organic meats are the best, as quite often the cheap meat you see – may be a good deal but it’s more than likely pumped with hormones.

# Be picky on what you put on your skin – and this applies to Shower Gels, Shampoos, Make up – basically any cosmetic product.

# Avoid Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol – these all massively disrupt the hormonal system, stop the body’s ability to absorb nutrients into the body – These are the “Baddies”

# DONT STRESS – I know I’ve already mentioned this but yes it’s a big

Look after your body….You only get one.

Make sure you are the healthiest version of YOU


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May is walking month…and I really think every month should be really BUT we will go with the May walking month and crack on.

A generation ago, 70% of us walked to school – now it’s less than half.

Now-a-days we drive a lot and sit round a lot…what happened to good old walk?

I love nothing better than putting my headphones on and going out for a walk and I love seeing other people on my travels too, and whilst we do all move in some way…..I dont think we walk as much as maybe we used too.

I know life and society takes over and we are busier etc..but are we also lazier?

Walking is FREE, its beneficial to both Physical and Mental Health, makes you feel great, connects you with nature and its just about movement 

“Walking is a man’s best medicine”, said Hippocrates over 2,000 years ago – and a growing body of scientific evidence suggests he wasn’t wrong.

According to one study of 334,000 people by researchers at the University of Cambridge, just 20 minutes a day cuts your risk of premature death by almost a third.

Yet Public Health England (PHE) has found that four in ten middle-aged adults – six million Britons – are failing to manage even one brisk 10-minute walk a month, increasing their risk of developing potentially fatal illnesses.

For most of us walking is as simple as popping on our shoes and walking away, I know this sent for everyone but I speaking about the masses……yet we dont seem to do a lot of it

You dont have to go on a big hike, it can be as simple as walking up the stairs instead of the lift, getting off the bus a stop earlier….deciding to walk instead of taking the car (obv were possible)

Just Move

Get out and walk

Spend time at the weekend with family on a walk

Take the Stairs

Go for a walk on your lunch – get out the office 

Whenever I am feeling in a bit of a fuzz nothing sorts me out like a good walk…honestly I love it….it clears my mind, connects me back to my heart and gets me out of the house and out of the space thats frustrating me….plus I feel energized after it and know I have done positive steps for my Health and Wellbeing 

Do you like a walk?

I dont mind going out on my own and walking….but if you you are worried about this or would rather do it with someone, reach out to me and you are always welcome to join me (weather permitting like, I like to walk but not in the rain haha)

Walking is soooo good for your Fitness, Health and Mental Wellbeing and its FREE, so why not take it up….you got this

The Health Benefits of Walking are endless….everything from helping fight diseases and increasing life expectancy to increasing confidence and making us feel more energised….come on who doesn’t want these benefits??

I think walking is massively underrated and if people went on a walk on ad daily basis they would notice their life dramatically get better, happier and healthier 

Jen  x

Rest & Recovery

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Listen to your Body and pay attention to what it is trying to tell you.

When we are in pain – its normally the final straw for the body and the final way to get our attention….HELLLOOOOO!!!

Pain manifests when we ignore the emotional and psychological triggers within our body…..and then BAM pain hits and we have to stop and listen

Training, Working out and all that is great but what about Rest? What about Recovery? Why aren’t these factored into your training program? why do we ignore these and constantly keep pushing our body to the limit?

When we then ignore the pain and push past the barriers and carry on..what happens? injury occurs and its a setback and then this will then affect our mental health as well as our physical,

Being in-tune with our body is so crucial.

Ive been there…ignored, carried o, trained through injuries and pushed past my barriers and take it from me….it doesn’t get you any further along. Im a lot more in-tune with my body now…I listen, I rest when needed, I recover properly and I do what my body needs.

You may be thinking “I dont need a rest…Im a machine” but let me tell you now…even well oiled machines eventually breakdown.

Do you think professional athletes rest and recover?? Damn right they do…so why dont we?? In my eyes anyone that moves in an athlete – so we should be resting

Resting wont make you lose all the results you’ve worked hard for – not resting and looking after your body will do this as you will eventually become ill

If you dont make time for wellness then sooner or later you will need to make time for illness – harsh? but true

Resting is good for our body, physically and mentally…it allows us to destress, focus and reflect and of course give our muscles a well earned rest

Please factor in rest and recovery into your program

Jen x

Self Care Tip

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Quick Self Care Tip

OK So we all follow people on Social Media….and whilst we may follow to initially admire them, a lot of them time we then start to see them in a different light…..we no longer admire them and look up to them, we start to become jealous. Jealous of what they have that we dont, jealous of how they look and jealous of their body’s/lifestyle.

This will then eat away at us, causing us to become miserable, hate on ourselves and spend all our time constantly stalking them and watching everything they do. We start to compare ourselves to others, negative though patterns come in and our self esteem goes down.

Why do we do it to ourselves? In all honesty, we dont even realize we do it…we just suddenly become negative and hating on ourselves and its hard to find out why.

My point??

If you feel this way about anyone – whether its family/friends/celeb/influencer….anything like that then you gotta unfollow – this isn’t being nasty – this is essential for your own wellbeing and your own mental state

STOP Following someone who makes you feel less about yourself, who makes your debut who you truely are and makes you constantly put yourself down…OK they may not “personally” be doing it but subconsciously you are being affected

Step back and look at who you follow, be aware of your thoughts when you watch their stuff and unfollow…until you have gained your confidence back

You are amazing and dont deserve to be getting dragged down

This is the day of Social Media and we cant escape it, but you can protect yourself and your mental state

Jen x

Stay Hydrated

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Whilst is is “always” important to stay hydrated (especially when exercising) it is even more so important during the hotter weather.

We are having (lucky us) some lovely weather lately…and its so important to stay hydrated when out in the sun.

Water can be boring? Anyone else agree…I dont really like plain water, butch the same time I wouldn’t ever drink flavoured water… I make my own and I’m anted to share some little tips with you today.

Not only can these help you with your water intake, they are refreshing, can energise the body and are great for the skin – Oh and they taste YUMMY!!!

Next time you have some water try adding these in, when Im at home Ill make a big jug and keep in freezer and when i am out and about teaching I like to  add to my water bottle.

These can all be added individually – or if you are feeling a little wild them mix em up….like a cocktail but without the alcohol and hangover haha.

Even if you are drinking during the nice weather….have some water with your drinks too to stay hydrated and prevent any nasty hangovers.

I love adding these to my water:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Cucumber
  • Mint leaves
  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • A pinch of Himalayan Salt 

And as I said you can also mix these up…like cucumber and lemon are lovely together and lime and mint is delicious

Stay hydrated but without the sugar laden drinks

Enjoy the sunshine

Get some Vit D on your skin

Wear your sun cream

Stay Hydrated

Jen x

I’m always here

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Like a lot of you – I watched the Corrie Episode showing Aidans suicide, whilst I think it was done tastefully….it really got to me.

I dont have any actual experience with suicide and I cant even begin to imagine what anyone must be going through to turn to suicide….it literally hurts me to even think about it and I cant even imagine what their loved ones must be going through also.

The thing is Mental Health is still a taboo subject, yes people are a lot more open than they used to be, but I still think we dont talk about how we feel enough.

Society and pressures and social media play a part and also that it can be “frowned” upon to be seen to be showing our feelings and emotions and it can make you feel vulnerable and that people may think you are weak.

Ive never been suicidal BUT I do struggle to open up to people, I think I am wonder woman and I can take on the world, but inside I can be crumbling…and I can imagine this is where people sometimes start and it escalates…again Im no expert.

Ive had dark times (as I am sure a lot of people have) and Ive been through my fair share of bad times…..Ive had 2 major breakdowns in my life (and Im still going through one) and still now Is struggle to get out of bed some days, I smile, laugh and paint on this “show business” image when I am teaching…but sometimes I cry when I drive home from classes….sometimes I get so down that I cant get out of bed, sometimes I dont know where to turn…..I feel I am losing control at times…..BUT then sometimes (and mostly) Im a happy soul, I love life, Im grateful for every moment and I am a positive and upbeat person…..but remember even the most positive and happiest of people have that air of darkness inside them that eats away (OK WOW…Im filling up writing this…..and its took me a LOT to open up here, but I am hoping in doing so….that I just help 1 person know they are not alone)

A smile can hide a thousand tears, a laugh can hide a broken heart and I think we all could be a little kinder and compassionate not just to other people but to ourselves……lets be honest we are our own worst critic always.

I know people say this but I just wanted to throw it out there….if you are ever alone, afraid, scared to just in need of someone to be there…please, please reach out to me.

I dont care id you hardly know me or if you are my best friend, I will always be here

2am or 2pm….by phone or online.

Please never suffer alone

Even if you just want to sit in silence…..cry, talk, scream, walk anything…Im here.

I want to help as many people as I can realize that their mental health is just as important as their physical health

I want to help many people understand they are not alone

I want to help people realize their true potential and how loved they are in this world.

No1 ever deserves to go through these times, but it happens and it happens a lot more than people think.

Im here for anyone, anytime…..I will never judge or try and solve the problem, I will listen and be the light in your darkness