My Story….

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My Story

So I wanted to share the story of OneBody Fitness… is into its 9th year now and I wanted to just tell the story of how it all started.

I qualified in Fitness back in 2004 and worked as a PT firstly, I then moved abroad and worked in a  gym in Greece in 2005 which was a great experience. I have worked in various gyms as an instructor and worked my way up to management in 2 jobs. I qualified for teaching Classes in 2006 and then Sports Massage in 2008…..Ive continually added to my qualifications buy attending courses and seminars every year and I spend a lot of my free time researching, reading and writing articles like this.

Before I started out on my own I worked as the Senior Fitness Instructor at Lifestyles Picton….I learnt a LOT during my years there…..from management of myself and others to just general life skills and I will ALWAYS be grateful to Liverpool City Council for all the opportunities that I had there….but I knew in 2010 that I wanted greater things.

At the start of 2010 I had typed up my resignation (I wasn’t happy at all…..and I was stressed and just a mess basically) and it sat in my glove box in my car for months and months and then 1 day I pulled up for my early shift and thought “NO I cant do this anymore” and I dated the letter and walked in and handed it to my manager… was a shock, so as much as Id thought about working for myself, I now had 6 weeks to get my sh*t together and get my business started

So fast forward to Sept 2010 and I had my last day at the job, now I had of course thought about my business…but WOW it was really happening now. During the time when I handed my notice in I worked my ass off….as well as my 37.5hr a week job I was teaching extra classes and early morning bootcamps and working late nights and weekends to set everything up.

Not long after leaving my long term relationship of 7 years ended, I know the job had a BIG part to play in it and I was devastated – heartbroken to be exact…but it was my business that got me through it because I had a focus and a purpose and a distraction!!!!

During the past 7 years its been a mix. A real challenge……long working days/7 days a week….times when I thought I wanted to give up….and years without a holiday, Ive tried lots of different things….things have failed and some had succeeded, Ive met hundreds of amazing people and got to be a part of peoples lives. Ive taught different classes at lots of different venues, trains clients, sports massage. There has been days where I dont know if this is for me anymore and days when I am so utterly grateful for what I have and what I have built…..the latter more often.

Id say the first few years where the hardest….because everything was built from scratch – and everything was done by me, so I had to start from the bottom and implement all my ideas and work stuff. The website/emails and everything else is all me… yes Id say the first few years I worked my ass off…not to say I dont now because I do, but now I have a framework for most things, Ive learnt from my mistakes (and I still am learning) and Ive grown as a person and as a business… 9 years on I still work hard, but I now have a base and I am established and I am a lot more open to what I want….so its definitely been a learning curve

I am so grateful for what I have and I Love my little business and I am not ashamed to say I am proud of myself and proud of what I have achieved and how far OneBody Fitness has come in the past 7 years

I absolutely LOVE my business and I dont see it as work, thats probably why I sometimes spend my Sat Nights in working. There is so much more than what you SEE…the “Behind the Scenes Stuff”…but thats another article.

In 2017 my Business changed a little and I have added a more Holistic approach to how I work. I believe in the body as a whole…..physical, emotional and mental body – they all come together and we need to make sure they are all in-tune with each other.

I no longer do Personal Training, but I am still involved in Fitness…through my classes, Online Programs and my 100s of youtube videos.

Fitness is my passion….and now I can add my other passion of all this Holistics and Happiness into it.

I offer a wide range of Massage and Holistic Therapies alongside all the Fitness

I believe we all deserve to live the happiest and healthiest life we can, and I am here to guide, inspire and support YOU on your journey.

In 2018 I began to express my more Healing and Spiritual Side and I couldn’t be happier…..this has always been my calling but I knew 2018 was the right year to throw this out to the world. I work with Angels, Crystals and Healing to help bring more peace and harmony into peoples lives

I offer Reiki and Crystal Healing…alongside making Reiki Charged Crystal jewellery to bring more magic into peoples lives

I would like to end by saying I am so grateful to each and every person who comes or has ever come to my classes/trained with me etc…..I love each and everyone of you and your energy is infectious and keeps me doing what I LOVE

I wouldn’t change it for the world and I wouldn’t change the past 9 years because all of the experiences have got me to where I am now (good or bad) and even though my path has slightly changed…I am still so passionate about everything that I do

Here’s to many more years….I cant wait to inspire and help more people <3

So thats the story (in a nutshell) of OneBody Fitness and Holistics 

Jen x


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At the beginning of a new year, we usually focus what we are giving up – sugar, alcohol, takeaways, bad habits

However, what happens if you focus on what you really want instead of what you dont want?…staying in the positive as opposed to negative 

So I ask you, in 2019 what are you saying YES to?

It could be more cash, more success, more meaningful relationships, more FUN, more exercises more healthiness

When you focus on on what you DO want rather than what you DONT want….your thought processes change and its like you are telling the universe…IM READY!!!

Thoughts become things (well Buddha said anyways)…so whatever you think of thats what you attract, so think more of what YOU DO want…and that’s what you’ll attract, I dare you to give it a go 😉

The thing is, when it comes to our dreams we often have a list of no-nos, like if we are wanting to lose weight we say “no weight gain, no laziness” or when we want to find a relationship we say “no losers, no cheaters” but we often don’t think of our yes-yess…. so this means that are attention and focus is more on what we don’t want than what we do want.

So What are YOU saying YES to this year???

Let me know, lets share ur positivities and make 2019 the year we LOVE OUR BODIES and give them what they deserve 

YOU ARE WORTH IT (Whether you lose L’Oréal or not haha)

I believe in YOU

Jen x