Stay Active in Winter – my Top Tips

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When it comes to Winter…staying active can be the last thing we want to do, we just want to stay snuggled up in a blanket with a cup of tea and some biccies and hibernate in the cold and dark months…BUT Staying active in Winter isn’t as hard as it seems and can actually give you more energy for Winter and the coming months.

I know I know….you don’t want to venture out into the cold and the thought of putting on your gym gear even just gives you chills and all you want is a Big cup of tea and your dressing gown


Here are my TOP TIPS to staying active this Winter

* Fun Outdoors Activities – check what is going on locally or in the community

* Layer Up – you can always go outside when its cold as long as you are laid up and then you ca always remove layers when you go indoors or get warm

* Stay Hydrated – it isn’t just the Summer that we need to stay hydrated… the winter too – even nice hot drinks like tea and hot water….keeping the insides warm but also staying hydrated

* Walking – go for a walk, get wrapped up and go for a walk. There is something quite special about being in nature and this time of year we have the leaves falling and the crunching under our feet. Walking is a great way to energise the Physical and Mental Body – its FREE and can be done as a family.

* Take the stairs – if going outside just makes u feel cold…take the stairs at work instead of the lift.

* There are 1000000s of videos on Youtube that are FREE…check them out (mine is

* Take up a winter sport

Staying active during Winter will give you more energy and strengthen the immune system and this will help keep colds at bay. It will keep you warm and also increase your mood.

Make your goals smaller in these Winter months…..dont over stress the body by making Goals BIG at this time of year…there is enough going on, just make the goals small and manageable

Cold and Flu Season., to stay healthy!!

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This time of year is when we are all more likely to pick up colds and flus – but you dont have to be attacked by these nasty germs….you can help you body and make it more immune to the nasties and be cold/flu free all Winter.

Although we cant avoid everything we can do things to help keep our immune systems strong and our body’s healthy all year round.

Here are my TOP TIPS to warding off Colds and Flus this Winter:

* Exercise…yeh hear I go again but exercise will help strengthen the immune system, keep you warm and give you more energy…so go do it!

* When you go the gym…clean the machines after use (and maybe before) germs can be spread through sweat and touch

* Sleep….I cant even stress the importance of a good nights quality sleep – it will reduce cortisol levels in the body

* Make Wellness Shots (see another post)

* Get a Massage…not only will it warm you up but it will also increase your circulation and improve the function of your immune system.

* De-Stress – try and use these Winter months to channel into the energy of nurturing and self love – remove any internal and external stress from your life.

* Make sure you are fuelling your body with nutritious food, thats ill keep you warm…provide vitamins and minerals into the body and of course just keep you healthy.

* Reduce/Limit Alcohol as this supresses the immune system and it wont function properly

* Stay Hydrated

* Take echinacea supplement

Sometimes we cannot avoid catching colds and flus but we can do the best we can to be able to put our bodies in a Healthy and Strong state

Crystals for Colds and Flus

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Crystals for Colds and Flus:
* Carnelian – Helps strengthen the immune system, boost vitality and fortifies the body
* Aventurine – Good for general Health and the Circulatory System….and also the Heart as it is linked to the Heart Chakra
* Flourite – Cleansing and purifying to the Aura and helps remove toxins
* Larimar – Good for the throat and nurtures the body
* Amber – A natural antibiotic and also a wonderful tonic for illness
* Citrine – Energizing and good for S.A.D
* Bloodstone – Balances and Cleanses Bloodstream

Crystals for the Winter Blues

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Crystals for Winter Blues:

* Red Jasper – helps warm limbs and muscles
* Carnelian – help protect your aura
* Citrine – very warming and also carries energies from the sun
* Pyrite – Helps with infections and reduces inflammation
* Sunstone – like a Ray of sunshine and helps with the endocrine system
* Ruby/Garnet – Energizing and brings vitality to the body
* Black Onyx – Grounding

Sugar Anyone??

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Hey *|FNAME|* Today is Sugar Awareness Day

Sugar… do do dodoooo ohhh honey honey…. Did you know that Sugar is actually seen as an “energy food”…could this be anymore misleading?…There is enough evidence out there that White Sugar actually robs the body of B Vitamins, disrupts calcium metabolism and has an effect on the nervous system…..still want some sugar? Simple Carbs/SUGAR can cause drastic spikes of Blood Glucose Levels…Simple Carbs/ Sugars are refined and the body doesnt event recognise any benefits from them Glucose is the form of energy you were designed to run on…..every cell uses Glucose for energy

The more sugar you eat, the more effective your body is in absorbing it and the more you absorb, the more damage you do…..see?? You become “sensitized” to sugar as time goes on. Because sugar tastes good, it can be very difficult to avoid consuming excess amounts of it. Sugar is habit forming. It is addicting. And that can lead to all kinds of health problems. Sugar has absolutely no nutritional value. Consuming a lot of sugar is the equivalent of taking a daily fat pill.

Some Sugary Facts (based in US…but lets be honest we here in the UK are not too far behind now…) in 1700 the average person consumed about 4 pounds of sugar a year in 1800 the average person consumed about 18 pounds of sugar a year in 1900 the average person consumed about 90 pounds of sugar a year in 2009 the average person consumed about 180 pounds of sugar a year Sugar is in soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks,spreads, sauces and as mentioned before in most processed foods (all fibre has been removed from processed foods so there is no value to them at all) …any wonder the obesity epidemic is getting worse? Cereals, Coffee, Tea, Cakes….all comfort foods that were always meant as “treats” are now being part of peoples daily diet. Even worse…Sugar in excess can actually cause Hormonal changes in the body that will lead to overeating….and sometimes without you even realising Sugar will: Suppress the Immune System Increase inflammation Increase Blood Sugar levels (leading to Liver fatigue and possibly Diabetes) Increase risk/severity of Depression Want to feel better: Improve your nutrition and REMOVE (or at least cut down) your sugar intake SLEEP is key EXERCISE By doing all this you will soon find dont and wont “NEED” that sugar fix for energy 1 tsp of sugar gives the body the same reaction as a potato, but sugar is an ANTI Nutrient….so it doesnt really help the body in anyway!! Carbs from Veggies, Fruit and Grains contain more nutrients than from sugar….so its pretty much self explanitary Sugar is actually found in the majority of the “fat free” food you see out there now….lets be honest if its FAT FREE they have to add something to it to give it some taste….so FATE FREE = CHEMICAL SH*TSTORM!!

When you eat sugar it triggers production of the brains natural Opioids (a key ingredient in the addiction process) therefore when you eat sugar your brain becomes addicted to the release of Opioids…proving again that SUGAR ADDICTION is just as bad as Alcohol and Drugs…….(studies have shown this, Ive not just made it up) scary hey?? Thats why it is so hard for people to step away from the sugary, processed filled foods…because unknowingly they become addicted!! Sugar = bad health = unhappiness…..meaning sugar is actually an unhappy pleasure….not so appealing when you think of it like that is it. Ever had that daily fatigue/mid afternoon slump…what do most people reach for? A Sugary filled snack….adding to the adverse effects of Sugar and still believing that it will bring them some energy. Sugar will raise both Insulin and Leptin Levels and cause Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Weight Gain and Premature Ageing……not something I think any o us are looking for, I am sure you would agree.

SIMPLE SUGARS: Sucrose Found in the majority of processed foods. It contains NO vitamins or minerals so it robs from the body. Fructose Only “natural” when found in fresh fruits that contain all the Vits and Mins needed by us. 20 times sweeter than table sugar. The body metabolizes Fructose in a different way from Glucose and this burden of doing so lies with the Liver 120 cals of fructose results in 40 cals getting stored as FAT Interferes with brains communication with leptin…which results in overeating So all these “diet” and “low fat” packaged food you are buying are actually NO GOOD for you at all, they are jam packed full of simple carbs and sugars that provide no benefits and no nutritional value to you and your body….so DONT be fooled by the big LOW FAT Label plastered all over them. BE wise when choosing your meals….its not just about CALORIES!!! STEP AWAY FROM THE SUGAR CUBES