Exercise is what YOU make it

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Exercise…its what you make it

OK…so why do we stress ourselves out over going to the hardest class, or having a “beasty” workout…..and why do we worry what other people are doing when it comes to exercise??

And WOW if you are a newbie and thinking of taking up exercise, how intimidating can this be please? Thinking you have to go to 3 classes a day everyday just because some one else is?

Never compare your day 1 to someone else day 100….NEVER!

We are all different

Exercise (imo) is all about moving….just getting more movement into the body

So why do we make it so stressful??

Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment, it shouldn’t be a stressful situation…it should be FUN, something you enjoy

Please….just make it about movement…dont stress out 

If you are NEW…start where You are now and build up…stop comparing your journey to someone else, focus on YOU and YOUR journey 

If all you do now is walk….surely thats better than sitting there an doing nothing??

If you try 1 class a week…isn’t that better than 0 classes a week??

Stop trying to push yourself too much….

Do something you enjoy and something you know is sustainable.

Dont compare your journey to someone else.

Its all about YOU

Jen x

Its not just what you put IN your Body

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When it comes to hormones and the body – it’s not just nutrition that can affect it, it’s also the products we use on our skin….YES skin is the biggest organ in the body and it only takes 26 seconds for whatever you put into your body to be absorbed into the skin. 

Now-a-days all our favourite products (oh and “make up also shall I add) are laden with “pretend” estrogens, chemicals, parabans (these have been linked to cancers esp breast cancer) – or as I like to call them “The Nasties” 

These products play havoc with your hormonal \system and balance.  So next time you reach for some shower gel – have a think – unfortunately it is in a lot of brands out there now – the ones we all know and love. I personally made the change to chemical and paraban free products in my life and not only have my skin never been better – I feel at ease knowing that I am not putting those nasties on my skin. 

There are a lot more products out there that are ore natural, I didn’t realise how many until I looked into it.

So for starters here is what I use on my skin (I’m not saying you need to make this change, but I did personally – I mean nothing is worth more than your health is it?)

  • Tropic Skincare (Skin, Body, Make Up Products) – which can be bought through myself, as I am an ambassador for Tropic (vegan)
  • Yes To (Bath/Shower and Shampoos)
  • Dr Organics
  • Burts Bees
  • Original Source
  • Jason (plus they do fab sun cream)
  • Bare Minerals Make up Range
  • Origins
  • Kind Natured
  • Dr Organics for Toothpaste/Mouthwash
  • Bamboo Tooth brushes

So next time you are out shopping for “Smellies” – just have a little think and a

Look at the ingredients!

So before I get carried away…here’s my tips on how to keep the body 

Healthy from the inside and outside:

# Don’t reuse plastic water bottles – the plastic has these “pretend” estrogens in it and they can seem into the water (even better opt for a BPA Free water bottle or a glass bottle)

# Buy Organic where you can, YES I know this is more expensive – but just be careful – especially when it comes to meats (esp in supermarkets) – grass fed and organic meats are the best, as quite often the cheap meat you see – may be a good deal but it’s more than likely pumped with hormones.

# Be picky on what you put on your skin – and this applies to Shower Gels, Shampoos, Make up – basically any cosmetic product.

# Avoid Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol – these all massively disrupt the hormonal system, stop the body’s ability to absorb nutrients into the body – These are the “Baddies”

# DONT STRESS – I know I’ve already mentioned this but yes it’s a big

Look after your body….You only get one.

Make sure you are the healthiest version of YOU