Yoga with Jen

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Yoga Classes

I hear people say they are worried they will feel intimidated in a Yoga Class

I hear “Im not flexible enough” or “I need to lose weight first” or “Ive never done Yoga before” or “Im scared I wont be good enough”

Can I just say that by turning up on the mat…you are doing Yoga, by standing on your mat, connecting to your heart and breathing….you are doing Yoga

Lead with your intention
Lead with your heart

There is no judgement with me, no egos and no comparing….I encourage my classes to “feel” the pose rather than worry how they look or worry how anyone else looks.

In the nicest way possible…”No-One gives a sh*t” what you look like…and I mean that, everyone is there concentrating on themselves, how they feel and trying not to fall or wobble.

Focus on You
Focus on what happens on your mat
Dont worry about others
Everyone is at a different part of their Yoga Journey…even me, as the teacher I am on a journey with myself and with you too

Yoga isn’t about touching your toes, its about what you learn on the way down, its about the feeling when you are in the poses, its about connecting with your breath and its just about being kind to yourself and giving yourself the time and the space to just be present on the mat

When you come to my Yoga Class I want you to leave feeling connected, feeling that love and light inside your body and leave with gratitude for yourself…for taking the time to show up on the mat

Yoga is a journey
Overtime you turn up on the mat it will be different
Just focus on that present moment and yourself and dont worry about past or future classes or about anyone else in the class.

In my classes if you come and all you do is go into childs pose and breath, but leave feeling 10000% better, then I am happy.

Allow yourself that time

I hope to see you on the mat soon

Jen x

Tips for Beginners

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Its that time of year tat we all want t get fit and lose weight/increase our fitness….I wanted to share my TOP Tips for all you Beginners…I really hope it helps and inspires you

Start Slow – as tempting as it can be to want to go in 100 miles an hour…if you are new to exercise it could actually do your more damage than good…start slow, build it up and work on what your body needs and wants

Remember to REST – YES thats right REST…its a very important part of the whole program, without rest we cannot recover and without rest we are more susceptible to injuries….the body NEEDS REST, so make sure you factor in rest days as well

Eat for your body – Your body needs FUEL and even more when you are exercising, so please STAY AWAY from these fad diets and eat right for your body…fuel before and after workout and make sure you are eating the foods that give you energy

Be Patient – its not going to happen over night…true change takes time, it isn’t a quick fix its a lifestyle change, so be patient and enjoy the process…..I promise results will come, just relax and wait

Listen to your body – Always!!! This goes for beginners and advanced exercisers alike…your body knows whats best and it will always tell you what it needs you to hear, listen to it and watch for signs.

Don’t compare yourself to others – Its so easy to look at others in the gym and classes and compare yourself to them….well STOP, remember you are YOU, no1 else is like you, everyone is at different stages in their fitness journey so dont compare your day 1 to someones day 200…focus on your own progress

Stay Hydrated – this is essential just to life, but even more so when you are exercising more (especially in hot temps)….Drinking for your body and replacing any fluids lost during exercise, will help with performance and stop the body fatiguing and keep the body hydrated and ready to go

Ask for help – its OK to ask for help, seek professional help if you are unsure or you have a specific goal and want some extra help…its OK….thats what trainers are for. Get something specific for you that focuses on your goals and that will help your achieve whatever it is you are chasing

So there you go my TOP TIPS for Beginners

I really hope its been helpful and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch

Jen x

Heart Health

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You can go on to the British Heart Foundations Website and get publications, leaflets and much more….but I wanted to write this little article about Heart Health

How a healthy heart works
Your heart is a muscle about the size of a fist. It is in the middle of your chest tilted slightly to the left.
Each day, your heart beats about 100,000 times. It pumps about 23,000 litres (5,000 gallons) of blood around your body.
This blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body, and carries away unwanted carbon dioxide and waste products. Your heart is a vital part of your cardiovascular system.

How can you help keep your Heart Healthy?

1. Exercise
Helps keep the heart strong
Reduces risk of heart disease
Reduces Cholesterol
Reduces Blood Pressure
Increases Energy
Reduces Stress
It doesn’t have to be a big challenge you set yourself…small steps of you are starting out:
Small Changes
As little as 10mins a day counts
Be realistic with your goals
Make it part of your day (take the stairs, walk on lunch)
Variety – mix it up
Reward progress with a massage
Join a group and get support

2. Healthy Eating
Regular Meals
Veggies in your diet
Reduce Salt Intake
Eliminate “Bad” Fats
Eat Fish
Stay Hydrated
Eat “Good” Fats
Don’t go crazy, and don’t avoid food….just change your lifestyle and eat healthy:
Keep a food diary
Plan and Prepare Meals
Resist Temptation

3. Eliminate/Reduce Stress
Stress isn’t a direct factor but it is a contributor. The more you stress, the more stress you put on your heart and it’ll also have an effect on your diet and exercise….so really it all needs to work hand in hand
Make positive Lifestyle Changes
Positive, Healthy changes to Diet
Seek support if needed
Take time out
All the above points work hand in hand and they all support each other.
Start small and prioritise and work through a way to lead the happiest and healthiest lifestyle you can
You Deserve it
Your HEART Deserves it
Give it the love it needs….for LIFE!!!

Jen x

LOVE Your Body

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Love your Body

Yes you can – regardless of lumps, bumps, curves – who cares?

It’s YOUR body – you live in it and no1 else does…so learn to love it and suck it up buttercup, you have an amazing shell of a body to live in…start showing it some love, instead of finding the flaws and criticising yourself….really look at yourself and smile and see beyond it all.

Love your body enough to NOT restrict food

Love your body enough to NOT see exercise as a chore.

OK…we are ALL guilty of this – of not loving our body’s – of not loving what we see in the mirror in-front of us, aren’t we??

But WHY??? Why do we do this…..those things you say to yourself when you look in the mirror would you even dream of saying those things to the people you love? to your best friend? to your mum? your daughter? NO of course your wouldnt…so why do we say these things to ourselves??

LOVE always starts within

If you cannot learn to LOVE the body you have been given – then no matter how much weight you lose, how much you change your body….you will never be happy until you learn to love yourself first.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change the body shape/weight etc…Im not saying that but before you start, isn’t it better to show love and gratitude for what you do have..this amazing body, before you start wanting more??

Show the body some gratitude…yes it may not look the way you want it to…but everyday the body allows you to:

Get out of bed
Play with the kids/grandkids etc
Go to work
Go to the shops
Make food

And so much more….

So next time you wanna lash some hate at your body, stop – think and be grateful for all it does for you……

Focus on what you have – then you will have more of what you want

Look at your body and see something amazing
Look at your body and show it some LOVE
Look at your body and smile
Look and your body and be grateful
Look and your body and look into your heart….YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON

Jen x

Self Love

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Self Love Month

I am dedicating February to “Self Love” and I would LOVE you to join me

Self LOVE is essential

LOVE starts within and we cannot begin to love another person until we truely love ourselves

Everyday this month I invite you to do something for YOU…do something that makes you smile and makes your heart be filled with LOVE

Do you Love YOU? I mean deep down really LOVE YOU….and not in a conceted way or a selfie pout kinda way….I mean Self Love.

Now when I say self love….it may sound weird and some people actually think it’s wrong to love yourself and that’s fine, I mean we are al different after all. But how can you love anyone else or expect anyone to love you when you one love yourself.
YOU are an amazing human being, with so much potential and so much to give….you have gotten where u r now with all of life’s ups and downs and yet here you are living and smiling.

If you were to speak to your best friend the way you sometimes speak to yourself… do you think they would feel? Speak to yourself the way you do your best friend whom you love, be your own best friend and show yourself some LOVE.


Show yourself some LOVE and reach deep inside your heart and soul and start to realise how amazing you are and how much you deserve to be LOVED.
Now go and tell yourself that I LOVE YOU!!!!

Today make a list of all the amazing things about YOU

I invite you to join me this month to start doing more “Self Love”

My TOP TIPS for Self Love:
Do something everyday that makes you happy….even if its just a hot bath or your favourite meal
Stop criticizing yourself….and start realizing how amazing you are
Love every part of yourself…flaws and all – its what makes us unique after all
Tell yourself I LOVE YOU when you look in the mirror (yes weird I know….but if you cant tell yourself then who can you tell)
Get that massage/facial…..if your body needs it, show your body some LOVE

Are you ready to dedicate this month to YOU and LOVING Yourself

Jen x