SAY YES!!!!!

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At the beginning of a new year, we usually focus what we are giving up – sugar, alcohol, takeaways, bad habits

However, what happens if you focus on what you really want instead of what you dont want?…staying in the positive as opposed to negative


So I ask you, in 2017 what are you saying YES to?

It could be more cash, more success, more meaningful relationships, more FUN, more exercises more healthiness

When you focus on on what you DO want rather than what you DONT want….your thought processes change and its like you are telling the universe…IM READY!!!

Thoughts become things (well Buddha said anyways)…so whatever you think of thats what you attract, so think more of what YOU DO want…and that’s what you’ll attract, I dare you to give it a go 😉


The thing is, when it comes to our dreams we often have a list of no-nos, like if we are wanting to lose weight we say “no weight gain, no laziness” or when we want to find a relationship we say “no losers, no cheaters” but we often don’t think of our yes-yess…. so this means that are attention and focus is more on what we don’t want than what we do want.

So What are YOU saying YES to this year???

Let me know, lets share ur positivities and make 2017 the year we LOVE OUR BODIES and give them what they deserve

YOU ARE WORTH IT (Whether you lose L’Oréal or not haha)

I believe in YOU

Jen x



Be YOUR Best Self

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As we approach New Year..I dont want to encourage you to set an NY Resolution, a “fake” promise to lose weight. shape up, eat better……dont do this.

Honestly…its the worst Resolution you can set.

Instead make yourself a promise
A promise to Try
A promise to Value your Health
A promise to move more…in anyway
A promise to look after yourself

Make yourself a promise to be the healthiest and happiest version of YOU
Not for anyone else
Not for a “holiday”
Not because you feel “guilty” because you have over indulged this Christmas
Not because you think you have to – well ya know because thats what people do in New Year isnt it?

For YOUR Health
For YOUR Happiness

Dont wanna conform and make a resolution?? THEN DONT
Already know you are going to f**k up? THE DONT

Why put that added pressure on yourself??
Why add the stress” to the body??

How about instead you take January to reflect on what you really want this year?
On what really makes you happy?
On what you really want in your life??

Whatever that is…I wish you a healthy 2018

Jen x


Do just 1 Thing

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Do just 1 thing

Are you on the January Health Kick?
Are your trying to do as much as you can to kick start/lose weight/get fit?? Do you know that you could actually be hindering your progress?
Do you know that you could be doing too much too soon?? YES I mean this….. When we start out and we are eager it can be so easy to just want to do everything at once, completely shocking the body and throwing it into overwhelm and turmoil.

Changing our diets completely and throwing ourselves into every class and gym workout we can, trying every stupid crazy diet and detox…….is actually a recipe for disaster
Do you know why many people fail/give up after just a few weeks of making these resolutions??? Because they DONT SEE RESULTS!!! and then they think….well whats the point and then they go back to their unhealthy and lazy(er) ways.

Just do 1 thing each week/each 2 weeks…don’t scare your body or put it in any danger….just do 1 thing at a time, and nothing dramatic!! Listen to your body and write a a list of all the things you wanna change and then work through the list 1 at a time.

Going all in…can make people wanna give up when hey dont see results in 4 days, it could injure you or just tire you out so much and put your immune system in danger.

Try doing 1 thing each week that will take you closer to your goal….remember for results to be long term it will be gradual and it will take time but it’ll last so much longer.

my TOP TIPS for what you could try:
* Drinking more water
* Taking the stairs instead of the lift
* Having 1 less coffee/tea a day
* Swapping a certain snack for something healthier
* Switching dairy options – or even going dairy free
* Adding breakfast into the mix
* Increasing your fruit and veg intakes
* Have 1 less takeaway a month
* Walk more
* Get up that little bit earlier every morning
* Prep your food
* Try that 1 class that you have always said you would

It doesn’t have to be something dramatic

Small Changes lead to BIG results

Consistency wins

Dont give up

Jen x

Routine? Struggling? New Year?

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Are you struggling to get back into Routine after Christmas?

Are you just not sure where to start?

Are you still staring at the half full box of celebrations?

Are you feeling lethargic and lacking motivation?

DONT WORRY….because I can guarantee you are NOT alone here…..but you also DONT have to suffer.

Here are my Top Tips to help you get back to routine:

  • Stop Stressing – by stressing about the fact you are not in routine, will actually make things worse.
  • Give yourself a break – we are human – it happens
  • Start small – it doesn’t have to be a big elaborate gesture – just start small (drink more water, eat more veggies, go for a walk)
  • Set yourself some daily goals/aims you wanna achieve – even if it is simply “get a wash”
  • Go for a walk, blow off the cobwebs, get some fresh air and clarity – this is my biggest go to when I am not feeling myself
  • Set that alarm, get up with purpose and make a plan for the day
  • Put your fav music on and dance around like no1 is watching, I promise if nothing else it’ll make you smile
  • Fuel your body with the good stuff, make a smoothie, get some veggies in your body, have juice – look well from the inside out.
  • Sign up to that course/class – whatever it is you keep promising yourself
  • Sleep!!! Get good quality sleep
  • Start a gratitude diary – every morning when you get up to say 1 thing you are grateful for – just 1 thing every day – it’ll lighten your spirits and remind you of what you have
  • Step away from the choccies and wine…yes its been lovely to indulge but I bet deep down you are ready for some goodness
  • Only make a NY Resolution if you really wanna….if you are just doing it to conform to society then dont bother, as it’ll only stress u out when you dont achieve it because you didn’t really want it.

Its Ok to feel this way


Just dont stay there….pick yourself up and remember of all the things you wanna achieve

Move More

Eat Well

Have daily Gratitude

You got this

Before you know it you’ll be back into the swing on things

Jen x