Having a Sh*t Day??

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Are you having a Sh*t Day??

Come on we have all been there…even the happiest and positive people have sh*t days and do you know what….I want to let you into a secret….


Yep thats right, it’s Ok to have a shitty day, to have a meltdown or to just feel down…we are human after all and not robots who have to stay on the hamster wheel going round and round pretending everything is ok.

During our lifetime we are all going to have sh*t times/days/weeks/months…maybe some more than others and yes its hard (trust me Ive been here) an we are all going to deal with it differently…in our own way and in our own time…but if I can give your just 1 piece of advice an if you only take 1 thing from the article its that ITS OK TO HAVE A SH*T DAY/WEEK…JUST DONT LIVE THERE, CRY…SCREAM…HAVE THAT BAD DAY AND THEN MOVE ON…DONT UNPACK AND LIVE THERE……

Tough times dont last…BUT tough people DO and you my friend are a tough cookie, whether you believe it or not.

“Im not a tough cookie” I hear you saying….oh but my lovely…YOU ARE….think of all the bad stuff you’ve been through in your life…and look at you now HERE, living and being f**kin awesome…so give yourself a pat on the back and a smile

As the famous saying goes “get knocked down 7 times…get up 8”….its not about how hard you fall…its how quickly you get back up.

We cant avoid the bad stuff, and sometimes we cant control it…BUT we can control how we react and act on it, how we ‘flip it” and try and make a sh*t situation into something amazing….embrace it and know that you will be OK

I know you are probably thinking “well thats easier said than done Jen” – an yeh it does sound easy, but if you believe and you want it to wok then it can

Our thoughts become things/actions….what we think we become, how often have you been in a bad mood and all you can think is negative thoughts…and then the rest of your day follows on this way, or likewise if you are feeling good/good mood and you think positive thoughts and you go on to have an amazing day…it isn’t just a fluke…your thoughts are literally shaping your mood/day/life.

So if you are having a Sh*t Day today….ITS OK!!

Cry it out..fume…whatever you need to day

Tomorrow’s a new day…


Mental Fitness

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Fitness….its not all about the physical, but there is a connection

When we think of fitness we often just think of the physical aspects…the sweating, the aches and the grimaces – but its so much more than that!

Your body wont go where your head doesn’t take it…sounds weird I know but its true

How many times has your body wanted to go the gym/class but you talk yourself out of it.

How many times have you been having a bad day and jibbed the fitness?…when really that workout is probably what you needed….they say (whoever they are) that we always avoid the things we really need

Physical Fitness is all the body…the outside an the aesthetics, about fitness, health and progressions and whilst thats amazing – its much more than that

So lets move onto our “Mental Fitness” – very often overlooked and avoided as a “taboo” subject!!

Just as you go to the gym and train your muscles – you need to remember to train what I like to call the “mind muscle” – so by being aware of it, doing stuff that focuses on your mind and helps bring happiness and harmony. yes doing the physical stuff can help with the mind…but we also need to give it some individual attention

There is no doubting that the more you help your body – the more your help you mind…and mental exercise is just as important.

Meditation is one of the best ways of working on your mental fitness and calming the mind…but at the same time its not for everyone.

When you are resting/asleep…quite often the body is relaxing but the mind doesn’t always follow suit.

Keeping your mind fit isn’t as difficult as getting ready for a marathon. You can add mental fitness style exercises into daily life:- Reading, Meditation, Laughing.

The mind-body connection is overlooked but is a massive part of Health,Fitness and wellbeing and is something we need to be more aware of. Our thoughts become things/actions….s what we think we become, how often have you been in a bad mood and all you can think is negative thoughts…and then the rest of your day follows on this way, or likewise if you are feeling good/good mood and you think positive thoughts and you go on to have an amazing day…it isn’t just a fluke…your thoughts are literally shaping your mood/day/life…and then if we dont feel good/happy on the inside then this is going to show on the outside….so see how mental fitness is just as important!!

Here are some ways you can work on your mental fitness:

Guess what…..you “can’t” outrun your fork

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Guess what……


Yep…..no matter how much you train if you eat sh*t then its a recipe for disasters

If you train hard all week and then ruin your diet at the weekend…yes thats fine and its your choice BUT the results will never come

They say Abs are made in the kitchen and in a way thats kinda true, what you eat and what your body absorbs will eventually reflect on the outside and your body is a clever little sausage.

If you train a few times a week that can be 4(ish)hours a week….so thats 164 hours a week you are not exercising (give or take)…so its sometimes more important what you do with those hours then whilst you are actually in the gym. (Im NOT saying the gym hours dont count….)

When it comes down to it….you just need to burn more calories than you consume…that is literally the basics….so unless you going to be exercising more than you’re not…it makes sense to look at your nutrition and make those tweaks and eat right, because you will never out run your fork (but not all calories are created equal)

It does go deeper than that above, as certain foods can trigger certain hormonal changes, food is sending your body information and it will in turn react..but let’s not get too technical.

No matter how hard you train,…YOU WONT see results if you have a sh*tty diet.

Match your diet to your training
Moderation is key
Avoid restricting your diet – as this can lead to long term damage

Good eating happens, exercise and harmony within are cornerstones to health, longevity, happiness and overall health

So stop trying to run away from your fork

Jen x

Dont be scared to lift those weights

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Why YOU should lift weights NOW!

Dont be scared to lift weights…..seriously go grab some weights now n throw them around…….Ermmmm well OK maybe not, but really dont be scared to lift weights

Now ladies I am mainly talking to YOU here…in my time in the fitness industry I have experienced so many women being scared to get int the weights area (mainly because of the egos and meat heads haha) because of a feeling of intimidation and then also I know so many women who are scared to lift weights over fear of getting BIG and ending up like Arnie…..OK, now is the time to get that out your head.

Yes it can be intimidating entering “that part” of the gym when all the men are grunting and lashing weights around like they own the place (half of them haven’t got a clue ‘by the way….and have poor technique, but that’s another story in itself)…..and especially if you aren’t sure “how to” use the weights…it can be daunting (if this is the case but you really want to – seek help from a professional….seriously even if its use a few sessions on technique and exercise etc)

Also a lot of women fear the getting BIG muscles and looking “butch” or like Arnie (not my words…the words of people)…but ladies seriously this is NOT going to happen (naturally!!), for one we dont hold enough natural testosterone (women have 10-30 times less than men) in our bodies to be able to do this and secondly a lot (not all…..!!) a lot of men dont even do that “naturally”…so seriously dont be worrying.

So now do you wanna know all the reasons WHY you SHOULD be lifting those weights (yes I hear you cry)

• Revving up your metabolism…the more muscle = higher metabolism
• Build Muscle…for life though, it helps combat a decline in muscle and bone density
• Helps prevent injury….weight training can lead to not only stronger muscles but also stronger tendons and ligaments
• BE STRONG!!! Physically and Mentally
• Fight the Blues….get those happy endorphins going round the body,
• Makes you feel good….boosts your self esteem
• Gives you body awareness – makes you feel more aware of your body and how it moves…and welcome body confidence
• Drop body fat!!! – due to Lean muscle = higher metabolism
• Strength – without the bulk – get muscle definition
• Strengthens bones also = decreased risk of osteoporosis
• Helps with posture – due to strengthening back and core muscles.
• Reduces Stress -its all about those endorphins
• Be better at ur sport
• You will feel better and then look better

Is that enough reasons??

Are you ready to lift some weights?

I encourage everyone to lift weights….the sooner you start as well the easier

If you are worried or unsure, get a trainer…get a few sessions on using weights and a well designed program


Jen x