Heart Health

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You can go on to the British Heart Foundations Website and get publications, leaflets and much more….but I wanted to write this little article about Heart Health

How a healthy heart works

Your heart is a muscle about the size of a fist. It is in the middle of your chest tilted slightly to the left.

Each day, your heart beats about 100,000 times. It pumps about 23,000 litres (5,000 gallons) of blood around your body.

This blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body, and carries away unwanted carbon dioxide and waste products. Your heart is a vital part of your cardiovascular system.

How can you help keep your Heart Healthy?

1. Exercise

Helps keep the heart strong

Reduces risk of heart disease

Reduces Cholesterol

Reduces Blood Pressure

Increases Energy

Reduces Stress

It doesn’t have to be a big challenge you set yourself…small steps of you are starting out:

Small Changes

As little as 10mins a day counts

Be realistic with your goals

Make it part of your day (take the stairs, walk on lunch)

Variety – mix it up

Reward progress with a massage

Join a group and get support

2. Healthy Eating

Regular Meals

Veggies in your diet

Reduce Salt Intake

Eliminate “Bad” Fats

Eat Fish

Stay Hydrated

Eat “Good” Fats

Don’t go crazy, and don’t avoid food….just change your lifestyle and eat healthy:

Keep a food diary

Plan and Prepare Meals

Resist Temptation

3. Eliminate/Reduce Stress

Stress isn’t a direct factor but it is a contributor. The more you stress, the more stress you put on your heart and it’ll also have an effect on your diet and exercise….so really it all needs to work hand in hand

Make positive Lifestyle Changes



Positive, Healthy changes to Diet

Seek support if needed

Take time out

All the above points work hand in hand and they all support each other.

Start small and prioritise and work through a way to lead the happiest and healthiest lifestyle you can

You Deserve it

Your HEART Deserves it

Give it the love it needs….for LIFE!!!

Jen x


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Love Yourself

Do you Love YOU? I mean deep down really LOVE YOU….and not in a conceted way or a selfie pout kinda way….I mean Self Love.

This is something I have recently started getting into and reading lots of books by Hay House, Mel Wells and looking into lots of research and also through my recent love of meditation from “calm”

Now when I say self love….it may sound weird and some people actually think it’s wrong to love yourself and that’s fine, I mean we are al different after all. But how can you love anyone else or expect anyone to love you when you one love yourself.

YOU are an amazing human being, with so much potential and so much to give….you have gotten where u r now with all of life’s ups and downs and yet here you are living and smiling.

If you were to speak to your best friend the way you sometimes speak to yourself…..how do you think they would feel? Speak to yourself the way you do your best friend whom you love, be your own best friend and show yourself some LOVE.

LOVE YOUR BODY – yes you can – regardless of lumps, bumps, curves – who cares? It’s YOUR body – you live in it and no1 else does…so learn to love it and suck it up buttercup, you have an amazing shell of a body to live in…start showing it some love,instead of finding the flaws and criticising yourself….really look at yourself and smile and see beyond it all. Love your body enough to NOT restrict food and Love your body enough to NOT see exercise as a chore.

LOVE YOU – think of all the people who love you – they do for a reason right? because you are worth it (flick ur hair in the style of L’Oreal if you must) but they love you because they see something special in YOU…..so start looking deeper and seeing that same something special.

LOVE YOUR FOOD – probably one of the biggest relationships we all have is with food…am I right? Love/Hate and all that jazz. We’ve all been “on a diet” haven’t we, we’ve all restricted ourselves and stopped ourselves from eating something we love because of the calories (blahh blahh) – and yes of course it’s good to eat healthy and make the right choices…BUT it is also OK to have a little bit of what YOU LOVE every so often…and when you do DONT beat yourself up about it….so what?? Create a great relationship with food and you will never have to diet again.

TELL YOURSELF “I LOVE YOU” EVERYDAY – I started a book called “mirror work” and it’s 21 days program and it gives you tasks to do – which means talking to yourself into the Miri with positive affirmations, now I don’t mean full on convos and looking like a nutter…but it’s allowing yourself to look yourself in the eye everymorning (or whenever u pass a mirror) and saying out loud/in your head – that I LOVE YOU or some other positive affirmation, rather than a negative comment about yourself…yes at first it seems weird and a little scary but trust me after a few days it becomes norm and also…you start believing and after all that’s all that matters.


Show yourself some LOVE and reach deep inside your heart and soul and start to realise how amazing you are and how much you deserve to be LOVED.

Now go and tell yourself that I LOVE YOU!!!!

Jen x

Are YOU ready to be SELFISH?

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Are you ready to be “Selfish”

Ok so lets start by saying when I say selfish I am not taking about the negative version and when people say “oh she’s soooo selfish” and they mean it in a bitchy way…..because guess what, I have amazing news for YOU……DRUM ROLL

Its OK to be Selfish….actually its kinda a necessity

You see whenever there is “ish” behind a word…its means to you belong (i.e English..means you belong to England, you “ARE’ from England)…so begin SELFISH basically just means you belong to YOU

Ive been sat thinking today (which sometimes can be a bad thing for me…my head hurts ha) and I have been thinking about the struggles we all go through, the constant search for perfection and for some the constant feeling of inadequacy….whether its down to self belief or BS and peer pressure from others around us (even if we initially think they are not affecting us) and as I have been sat here thinking, it upsets me that WE (Me included) often can feel we aren’t good enough.

SO ask yourself these few questions now…….

What do YOU do for YOU?

When was the last time you just sat and were in the moment?

When was the last time you have “YOU time”?

I can guarantee most of you reading this wont even be able to remember…..because we live in society where we like to fill “empty space’ – whether that be with TV, Phones, Social Media (Im not saying you cant do these things)

Life takes over and we end up doing everything for everyone else….and we forget to take time for US and take time for the moments to just “BE”….but do you know what  its OK to be better for YOU…not for anyone else…just for YOU

The Art of relaxation is a unknown, touchy subject amongst many and many struggle just to STOP and reflect and just take some time to take back all the energy we use and give away on a daily basis…its doesn’t have to be a crazy extravagant thing…just a walk, bath, nap, cuppa -alone, with NO interference, no social media, no work and no phones….just time for YOU. We give away so much energy on a daily basis, that self preservation is now essential so we can top our energy back up and allow our bodies and our minds to work to their full, true potential….

In this modern day, we take on too much, Especially Mums/Wifes….you do everything for everyone else…but what ABOUT YOU??? dont you matter? Of course you do…more than anyone else…remember its OK (and necessary) to be SELFISH!!!…..Stop trying to be superwoman and take on hr world….because in the long run its going to make you sick (and I dont always mean physical illness…mental and emotional illness too…and draining of all your energy and who YOU really are)

Start to get comfortable with time alone…I LOVE being along, I m deaf a introvert at heart – but present characteristics of an extrovert in my work life…but deep down I LOVE being alone, whether I am off for a walk, food, drink, or just sat reading and often meditating…I LOVE my own company (and yes thats because I am frigging amazing haha) all jokes said though…why dont YOU LOVE YOURSELF??? and if you dont….you cant expect others too..

Happiness and Love start within, are created within, I dont believe they are from external forces…..in my opinion it all starts within and unless you are happy with YOU and you LOVE YOU….then it cant be found in anything or anyone…yes things and people can ADD to your happiness and bring MORE love…but they cant create it…thats all done to YOU

We often (and I am sooo guilty of this) believe that we are only successful if we are busy!! Crazy hey…but I used to fill all my “empty Space” with work and just keeping my self “busy” in the hope Id be more successful and more happy…when really all I wanted to do was slob in front of the TV and have a fucking chill……so yeh BIG lesson to be learnt here…LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – its giving you signs all the time

Busy doesn’t equal Success

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY…its will often start giving your “physical” pain in order for you to LISTEN to it….so nip it in the bud before that happens

Our brains are constantly working….phones, social media, work, emails, TV, responsibilities ….the brain needs a break too.

LOVE YOU – think of all the people who love you – they do for a reason right? because you are worth it (flick ur hair in the style of L’Oreal if you must) but they love you because they see something special in YOU…..so start looking deeper and seeing that same something special.

You cant pour from an empty cup…..take care of yourself first!!!

Take time out for YOU…..Its NOT a bad thing, its essential!!!

Start NOW

Jen x

It’s OK….not to be OK

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It’s OK not to be OK

It’s OK not to be ok…..did you know that?

It’s OK to feel a bit shitty
It’s OK to eat that piece of cake/pizza/chocolate
It’s OK if you missed 1 workout
It’s OK if you chose that extra hour in bed
It’s OK if you didn’t go to “that” class
It’s OK to cry
It’s OK to have that Prosecco
Its OK to have body hang ups
It’s OK to not always be loving your body
Its OK if you chose to chill & watch the soaps
It’s OK if the washing is piled high
It’s OK to be “selfish” and have some time for YOU
It’s OK not to be OK

We are all human and during our time in this physical body there re going to be times when we are NOT OK….but do you know what? Yes you’ve guessed it…ITS OK!!!

Not everyday is going to be sh*ts and giggles
Not everyday is going to be amazing and all daisies and sunshine

If you slip up…so what?? We are all human – end of

Feel how you wanna feel
Live how you wanna live

BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER the chances of you being here right now are 4 trillion to one…yes I am not kidding…so remember how much of an amazing human being you are….and that everyone (even if they dont admit it) had times when they DONT feel OK…and do you know what’s…thats actually OK

LOVE Yourself
LOVE your body
Show gratitude always
Live YOUR life how you want to

But always remember that if you are having a crappy day…ITS OK (just try not to wallow in it, recognise it, accept it and MOVE ON)

We are all imperfect Human Beings

It’s OK not to be OK – it doesn’t make you weak, you could never be weak…you are alive and thats the hardest thing to be….Im so proud of YOU

Jen x

Its all about “Personal” Training

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“Personal Training” – its called that because its “Personal” to the person who presents themselves infront of you every session….to me it doesn’t matter what I have planned for a session, sometimes I need to ask my client show “they” are feeling today…and sometimes the session will change. This week I changed my 1 of my PT sessions to a Yoga session from what I originally had planned…to suit the needs of both of my amazing clients, who work in stressful jobs. You see “exercise” is essentially another stress (good and bad) to the body…..and we all have what I like to call a “Stress Bucket” and if you keep adding to your stress bucket eventually it will overfill and cause health problems….I didn’t want to add to my clients stress buckets this week…I wanted to help take some of that away whilst also giving them the amazing benefits of a workout…so that was it, It was quick thinking but I listened….I listened to my clients – how they were feeling and what they “needed” – not what I “wanted” them to do….You see its a “personal” experience and PT isn’t all about “beasting” ur clients and making them feel sick and sweat like a b*tch…NO IM SORRY but its NOT….its about creating an experience, a session that will not only fulfill their physical needs but also their mental and emotional needs…..When I take on a client, everything I do/say/email/be with them is personal to their journey…to their health and their wellbeing, because its not about ME – its about them!! I create an experience of wellbeing, a safe place that they can train, be themselves and LOVE their bodies….and I like to think I build a relationship in which I can coach them to also fulfill their dreams and manage daily emotions and stressors they may face….I use both my skills and experience as a qualified PT and Life Coach with all my clients…..meaning they get a different experience than just “training”……I thank my clients Jem and Ana….for allowing me to bring this into our session and for embracing it – you see to me…thats what it is all about.