What do I do??

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I quite often get asked what I do in between teaching my classes or training clients – I think sometimes people think I sit and watch daytime tele …so I thought I’d give u an insight into what my days sometimes consist of

My Own Training

Classes (2-4 a day) or Clients – or on some days both

Eating – obv!
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Posts
Writing Client Programs
Planning and Writing Class Routines
Researching and then writing articles
Looking for new ideas for classes (constantly) online
Sort insurances/Music Licences
Sort and find new music for classes
Answering FB Messages and Emails
Promoting my services
My own Personal Development
Studying for courses
and there is so much more

You see I do EVERYTHING myself…I dont have an accountant, admin person, social media assistant, someone who answers my email…..and when I go to classes…the routines dont just pop into my head…I plan and prepare everything

You see all this stuff Ive just mentioned all goes on behind the scenes and its the stuff I DONT get paid for (financially)….Its what i do to make my business bigger and better, its what I do to move me forward both as a person and as a business….I do it because I love my little business…..but dont be fooled its hard graft – but no-one ever see’s this side of things

So if you ever think “oh its easy for u – you just teach a few classes and thats it” – you are sooo wrong, Im am not just a class Instructor or a personal trainer…..I am a business woman who runs a small but successful Health and Fitness and I am always striving to move it forward and make it work for me.

I am so happy YOU are part of OneBody Fitness and have helped to be part of its ongoing success and for that I am grateful

Jen xxx

PMS and those Dreaded Cravings!!

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Food Cravings & Your Menstrual Cycle.

This is something that is very common amongst us Ladies…so common indeed that research shows at least 70% of women suffer from Food Cravings, Mood Swings and Irritability during their period.

Food Cravings are often a result of hormonal imbalances/hormones out of control…very often tied to inadequate Nutrition. Fluctuating hormones also have an effect on Brain Chemistry (Seretonin is a Brain Chemical…this will make more sense as you read on) So really to avoid any Food Cravings, its time we looked at out Diet and sorted our Hormones out…and YES it really is that SIMPLE!!!

I have been contacted by tons of women regarding this, especially as it plays havoc with some peoples lifestyles and tends to see them falling off the wagon and scoffing the BAD foods during this time of the month, but as I am sure you will agree we can’t keep using “time of the month” as an excuse…..as much as we would love too.

Before we start let me just say that having Cravings does NOT mean you have a lack of willpower….so STOP blaming YOUrself and just chill….and dont blame yourself, because by doing this you will only make your mood worse and your cravings will re-appear – and in walks “Emotional Eating” (article on this coming soon)

Do you find that as it gets to that time you crave sugery, fatty, crappy foods?

Do you find you just wann say f**k it to the diet and scoff your face?

Is exercising the LAST thing on your mind?

Dont be afraid to say YES to any of the above…because you wont be alone. I myself have been there, and its more common than we all think, we are not strange and not monsters (although I am sure your partners/kids may think you are – so get them to read this too)

OK…so yes every woman is different, but typically the menstrual cycle last 28 days in total…..with hormones floating around all over the place during this time….heres the geeky sciency bit – more over Einstein:

As Estrogen Levels fluctuate, so does Cortisol (the stress hormone) Levels, but the body wants to keep both of these levels even..therefore it causes us to “crave” Carbs/Bad Fats……and in walks the chocolate and crisps. Serotonin (Yeah I am sure you have all heard of this gem) is a brain chemical that gives feelings of contentment (Food and Exercise can trigger Seretonin by the way….but I know food is the more likely source for many) When Cortisol is elevated and Seretonin is Low we crave sugary foods, and this is simply because the body knows that simple carbs (bad carbs) will raise the Seretonin levels fast and this will more than likely be something you have all experienced – let me break it down – You dont control the signal that causes the carb/sugar craving, its the “simple” carbs that quickly release the Seretonin and then you feel “good” for a little bit and  then you CRASH (mid afternoon lull…when u reach for that mars bar?? ring a bell??)…and so it begins again…the Vicious Cycle.
When Seretonin is low…the brain needs a “pick me up” but as it is related to hormonal imbalances, sometimes the signals to the Brain get mixed up….which causes the Simple Carbs to step into action.

How many of you are guilty of this?

How many of you know this is what happens but still reach for the sugary snack??

How many of you actually want some chocolate now? (haha Joke of course)

(and thats about as much sensible, sciency stuff youll get off me ha)

Magnesium Deficiency has also been known to cause these imbalances and cravings in Women (not just at times of month either)…so if you are not eating the right foods to get Magnesium into your diet, it may be worth supplementing with Magnesium!

It may also be worth keeping a “Food and Mood” Diary, by recording the type of foods you eat and if there is any emotional connection to them…you may be surprised and will more than likely see a pattern. Also keeping a Food Diary and noting what you eat during your period and how you felt…again you may see a pattern.

Reduce Salt intake

Avoid Caffiene and Alcohol

Stick to Complex Carbs (fruits, veggies) and avoid all those stodgy Simple Carbs (Bread, Pasta, biccies, cakes….you know your favs)

And if you do resort to the odd choccie bar when you are at this time of the month…dont beat yourself up about it, just move on…its not the end of the world, but try and find yourself some “Healthy” alternatives!!

Want to stop the cravings?

Sort your Nutrition out – which will sort your hormones out – which will help curb those cravings < SIMPLE?? Cos it really is that easy, but are you in the right mindset to do this?

I really hope this has helped and shed some light on WHY we seem to crave the bad stuff when we have our period….

If you need any further info get in touch

Jen x

Instructor Body Image

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Ok…so I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to write this but if I am honest its been playing on my mind so I thought…why not because I am sure there are a lot of other people out there who may be feeling the same and dont want to speak up our aren’t sure how to.

Now this is a very personal post and something that has affected me lately.

So last week I was trying on some stuff for my holidays, and I tried on a pair of shorts from last year and I couldn’t fasten them and that was it…final straw…I had a meltdown!!!

I dont train to be skinny and I dont do what I do to be skinny…now I do understand that some people are naturally skinny and thats fine…its not what Im on about

So I have been thinking and there is a LOT of stigma around the Image of Fitness professionals….everyone seems to assume that because you work in the Fitness Industry…you are a size 0 with a six pack….well Ive got news for you that just isn’t the case. You see all these images on Instagram and people are like wow….but half of the time the people in the images dont even look like that. Social media has a LOT to answer for when it comes to the whole body image thing and if Im being honest its never bothered me….I dont really look at it like that, but it does add to the pressure.

Do you know what is TRUE??? That I over train way TOO much… I do about 3-5 classes a day 5 times a week and more if I cover classes, I then train 5-6times a week for myself with a mix of Weights and HIIT Training….I eat at crazy times and between classes (yes its all healthy) but you see I overtrain and my body is probably in a constant state of “cortisol overload”…which is the stress hormone and we all know what stress does to the body…..so really???

People assume that because you are in the fitness industry you will always be in the best shape ever and that you eat dust and thats it……and that we all become in this industry to be skinny and stuff….WOW!!!!!!

The industry isn’t about that (well not for me anyways) I am what I am, I dont wanna be silly skinny, I wanna be healthy!!! The Goal is Health

Now I train HARD and as well as that I teach about 15 classes a week…..now a few months back whilst training an older man stopped me at 1 of the gyms and said “You trying hard dont ya, you would think you would be in better shape”….now Im a tough cookie and at the time I came back with a sarky comment, and brushed it off….but I dont care how “tough” you are…that sh*t affects you….Ive had comment likes “you should be like this (holds little finger up) the amount you train” “oh you work in fitness, would never of guessed”……I had a small rant about this on Facebook when it happened…but it goes deeper than that

It is NEVER OK to make a negative comment about someones body image!!! END OF!

Anyways….so yeh it did get to me….so I spent the next morning just staring at myself in the mirror in my underwear just feeling disgusted in myself….I am the first to admit that for the amount I train and how I look after myself that I am not in the best shape I could be in, and I hold my hands up to that….BUT it still hurts when other people notice or make comments.’

I know I could be in better shape…..but I dont ever put myself down about it, well not until all this happened!

Now I am all for who cares what anyone else thinks…but its a game changer when you actually feel that way about yourself too.

Ive NEVER wanted to be skinny…Ive got to much junk in the trunk and I like food too much (albiet healthy) to ever been silly skinny…..my goal has always been “health” and wellness and just living a healthy life and looking after myself….Im not bothered what the scales say, as long as I feel good, look good and I am healthy and able to live my life……but I dont feel good and especially after comments of late

We all have days when we feel frumpy/fat/bloated and we dont feel our best dont we?? Imagine having to stand up infront of a room full of people and try to inspire them and be the picture of health when you feel disgusted in yourself and you wonder how they must look at you and think “eewww”

Ive never really been self conscious…Im comfortable in my own skin and own it…..but I will admit of late I havnt been feeling too good…..and when people make snide little comments it winds me up to death, now as I said earlier I have had a few comments made to me about how I look and that basically I should be in better shape for what I do…now even though it has gotten to me – I brush it off, carry on regardless still eat and train…..BUT say that to wrong person and it could spiral completely out of control…..and could make someone ill

So my point?? Please think before you comment on some one and their image

Dont think that everyone in the fitness industry is a size 0

People in this instagram posts DONT look like that…..

Stop trying to be someone

Own your SH*T

Have confidence in your body – its an amazing shell that you have to live in……worship it and cherish it and nourish it

MY TOP Nutrition Tips

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Top 10 Nutrition Tips

  1. Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine – nothing good comes from these, they put toxins into the body, deplete it of all nutrients & give you a temporary high
  2. Remove all Processed Food (inc takeaways) – full of chemicals, E Numbers and rubbish…especially all those microwave meals
  3. Avoid Gluten – its in a LOT of stuff and so many people are sensitive to it, removed it an watch the bloat go – yes this means BREAD!!!
  4. Totally Eliminate Sugar – its the Devil – seriously it is!!!
  5. Replace Dairy with a healthy alternative – Almond, Rice, Coconut, Oat
  6. Eat You Greens – Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Asparagus….get them in
  7. Eat your “Good Fats” – not all fats are bad
    (good fats: Avocado, Coconut Oil, Nuts & Seeds, Butter (grass fed)
  8. Breakfast – its the start to your day, your fuel – avoid toast & cereals & opt for eggs, good fats and greens
  9. Stay Hydrated – water water water – add lemon/lime slices for refreshment – drink herbal teas
  10. Use Coconut Oil – cooking, hair, skin, smoothies – the uses are endless

Get savvy with labels on food…..its not all about the calories, check the sugar content!!!

Low fat = Chemical sh*t storm – so many chemicals added to make it taste good.

Fat isn’t BAD – yes some fats are (trans fats) but there are good fats at the body needs them

SUGAR is the devil – just get rid

We all know the bad choices we make after drinking alcohol – so dont do it

Give your body what it needs and deserves – Good Nutritious Food, Adequate Hydration and Exercise – its doesn’t have to be complicated

Workout fads

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Diet Fads and Workout Fads

This is going to be a short but sweet Article (she says)

Diet Fads and Workout Fads…..DONT WORK IN THE LONG RUN

The End…

haha joking of course but really….its pretty much the truth.

Diet Fads – there are far too many of them to even mention here….but I think you know what I am getting at, yes the QUICK FIXES that promise the world….and yes Ill admit in the “short term” they may help you lose “weight” but “long term” quite often they are doing more damage than good……messing with your metabolism, your hormones and your life…..so please stay away from these crazy, daft and dangerous quick fixes

Workout Fads – now this is a different kettle of fish because yes the workouts will “work” but a lot of these fads soon fade….something when it first comes out is BIG and everyone attends but after a few months/years it soon quietens off and then something else will be along in its place……there is nothin wrong with getting into these fads, but all I will say is make sure they work for YOU

I told you it would be a short one because I will be honest I could rant about DIETS all day long, but I think I made my point

Jen x

Stuck in a workout rut???

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This blog is all about “being stuck in a rut”

Its happened to us all at some point during training.

The body will get used to a certain way of training/certain classes etc and eventually you will get bored or literally get stuck in a rut…..and even maybe the results you are after may plateau

My BEST piece of advice for this is _ DONT STRESS, Take some time off to rest the body (because thats probably the underlying reason why you are feeling that way) and come up with a new plan.

Dont beat yourself up, its the worse thing you can do because by doing this you are never going to move anywhere because you will be in a negative frame of mind.

There are times in everyones life when we get stuck in a rut and not just with exercise just in general – I think this is a sign, a sign that things need to be re-evaluated and you need to see whats going wrong and change it……

The worst thing to do is stay in this rut, and keeping beating yourself up and have that negative inner dialogue going on, because this isn’t going to change anything.

If we think in regards to exercise and diet…..

If you feel you are stuck in a rut with your training, firstly thick WHY…..is it because you aren’t seeing results? are you bored?….think of WHY first and then go from there, after 6-8 weeks we need to mix it up otherwise the body just becomes used to it….so maybe thats the problem??

If you are eating the wrong food maybe thats affecting not only your weight but your mood and your energy…..have a look and make a food diary and look and see what you are or aren’t eating.

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and not stress to much about it….I know this sound like a cop out answer but really it is the only answer

If you are seriously stuck in a Fitness Rut…here is my TOP TIPS:

  • Take a break
  • Dont stress
  • Dont beat yourself up
  • Try something new
  • Have a massage – seriously – chill that body out
  • Get a Trainer – if you need that extra help
  • Attend a class
  • Write a list (i love lists haha) and see what you can and cant change

Its OK to feel this way, it happens to the best of us

Just take time for YOU

Jen x



Rest Days…..do you take yours?

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When you first start out training, or are training for something specific or simply just in the zone….then even the thought of “resting: can freak you out and you start thinking all kinds and telling yourself that it will be the end of the world if this happens and that you will lose any gains/strength/stamina…..when in fact by over training and being “too obsessed” you could actually be doing all of that and more.

Its OK to be dedicated and motivated…..believe me, we need more of that in the world….but there needs to be a point where we need to let our bodies recover.

Without adequate recovery, your musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and immune system become compromised and this then puts you at a greater risk for injury, weaknesses in training and illness. Your body’s hormonal response to the deterioration of these systems is often a state of sympathetic arousal—your “fight or flight” response—which floods your body with high levels of catabolic hormones like cortisol. None of these things are good for anyone!!!

Rest days are an essential part of training, time off allows your body and mind to fully recover and grow…..don’t believe me….then think about how you feel after a bad night sleep/rest: Your cognitive skills are fuzzy and your body starts to fall into a catabolic (breaking down) state, which can skyrocket stress, drain any muscle strength, and cause mood shifts…..well lo and behold this is exactly what NOT resting does to your body!!

If you Never take a day off, then you are just setting the body up for a breakdown. You become more susceptible to muscle soreness, a suppressed immune system, improper sleep, a decrease in strength and performance, and injury….not to mention mood swings, irritability and weird eating patterns.

Use your rest days to reflect on how far you’ve already come and acknowledge and be grateful for your body, willpower and dedication……see it as a positive thing and don’t beat yourself up for resting, as it wont get you anywhere.

If you are bored stiff indoors then go for a casual walk or yoga class/light swim…something that isn’t taxing on your body…but doesn’t make u go stare crazy either. Don’t be competitive and wonder what you can achieve just be!!! BUT REMEMBER there is nothing wrong with lying on the couch watching a film….its ok to rest up (just don’t accompany this with a take away and munchies….and then your sound)

I know that sometimes mustering up the motivation to work out is a challenge, and then other times, like when we’re really determined to reach a goal or we feel like we need to make up for lost time, the opposite is true.

Sometimes we take on that frantic “must work out every day” mindset and completely forget that one of the most important parts of exercising effectively is giving our bodies time to recover….because if they don’t recover they cant change…so your training becomes pointless.

Plan your weekly workouts….but also plan your rest days and if you are worried you will just sit and think about working out..then make plans…plans that don’t involve the gym or training…go shopping. meet friends, read a book…anything..stimulate your mind and rest the body.



My Story

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My Story

So I wanted to share the story of OneBody Fitness…..it is into its 7th year now and I wanted to just tell the story of how it all started.

I qualified in Fitness back in 2004 and worked as a PT firstly, I then moved abroad and worked in a  gym in Greece in 2005 which was a great experience. I have worked in various gyms as an instructor and worked my way up to management in 2 jobs. I qualified for teaching Classes in 2006 and then Sports Massage in 2008…..Ive continually added to my qualifications buy attending courses and seminars every year and I spend a lot of my free time researching, reading and writing articles like this.

Before I started out on my own I worked as the Senior Fitness Instructor at Lifestyles Picton….I learnt a LOT during my years there…..from management of myself and others to just general life skills and I will ALWAYS be grateful to Liverpool City Council for all the opportunities that I had there….but I knew in 2010 that I wanted greater things.

At the start of 2010 I had typed up my resignation (I wasn’t happy at all…..and I was stressed and just a mess basically) and it sat in my glove box in my car for months and months and then 1 day I pulled up for my early shift and thought “NO I cant do this anymore” and I dated the letter and walked in and handed it to my manager…..it was a shock, so as much as Id thought about working for myself, I now had 6 weeks to get my sh*t together and get my business started

So fast forward to Sept 2010 and I had my last day at the job, now I had of course thought about my business…but WOW it was really happening now. During the time when I handed my notice in I worked my ass off….as well as my 37.5hr a week job I was teaching extra classes and early morning bootcamps and working late nights and weekends to set everything up.

Not long after leaving my long term relationship of 7 years ended, I know the job had a BIG part to play in it and I was devastated – heartbroken to be exact…but it was my business that got me through it because I had a focus and a purpose and a distraction!!!!

During the past 7 years its been a mix. A real challenge……long working days/7 days a week….times when I thought I wanted to give up….and years without a holiday, Ive tried lots of different things….things have failed and some had succeeded, Ive met hundreds of amazing people and got to be a part of peoples lives. Ive taught different classes at lots of different venues, trains clients, sports massage. There has been days where I dont know if this is for me anymore and days when I am so utterly grateful for what I have and what I have built…..the latter more often.

Id say the first few years where the hardest….because everything was built from scratch – and everything was done by me, so I had to start from the bottom and implement all my ideas and work stuff. The website/emails and everything else is all me…..so yes Id say the first few years I worked my ass off…not to say I dont now because I do, but now I have a framework for most things, Ive learnt from my mistakes (and I still am learning) and Ive grown as a person and as a business…..now 7 years on I still work hard, but I now have a base and I am established and I am a lot more open to what I want….so its definitely been a learning curve

I am so grateful for what I have and I Love my little business and I am not ashamed to say I am proud of myself and proud of what I have achieved and how far OneBody Fitness has come in the past 7 years

I absolutely LOVE my business and I dont see it as work, thats probably why I sometimes spend my Sat Nights in working. There is so much more than what you SEE…the “Behind the Scenes Stuff”…but thats another article.

I would like to end by saying I am so grateful to each and every person who comes or has ever come to my classes/trained with me etc…..I love each and everyone of you and your energy is infectious and keeps me doing what I LOVE

I wouldn’t change it for the world and I wouldn’t change the past 7 years because all of the experiences have got me to where I am now (good or bad)

Here’s to many more years….I cant wait to inspire and help more people <3

So thats the story (in a nutshell) of OneBody Fitness

Jen x